Thursday, November 25, 2010

Neighbour Market

Wondering the concept shey?

Really would have loved to know the meaning too but unfortunately I don't.

Mehn, one can't just rule out and ignore how vital people networking is. I've seen people rise due to the contacts they kept in touch with and also seen people crash due to the neglect of that vital social phenomenon.
  So really if you're the introverted kind, you can like to extrovert yourself cuz its Information that rules the world now and staying relevant with up-to-date info is the hallmark of good ambassadors of the Neighbour Market.

So you think your job is cool?
Wait till you hear the testimony of that guy you met in the bus and you thought it was okay for you to keep listening to your jamz on your phone or iPod.

He doesn't have to be the one but he might just be the link between you and the 'one'.

Lessons I've learnt the easy and hard way is to never ever look down on anyone!

I hope you learn from that too as you go on to have a really nice day...



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