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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Away for a while...

Dear blog and blog readers,

I write with much tears (not really sha) as I express with mixed feelings my sojourn away from civilization for about a month. I would not want you to stop reading my blog and I know I'm going to miss posting stuff.
My sojourn is that of a great adventure into a distant and far land. I do not know the situation of how things shall be but I admonish ye all to be of great cheer as it is for a good cause.
In my times of solitude I shall always remember ye all in my thoughts and when I get the wherewithal to reach you all, I shall not hesitate to keep you posted of my recent discoveries.

To the fellow bloggers that kept me going: Myne Whitman, Afrosays, Edna Writez, D-i, Harry, Cocodandridge, Lowla Dee and Tolu...all the best!
Not forgetting great contributors and commenters: Somto Okeke, Oba Lanrewaju, Laju, Paptus, Ayo Da whizkid, Gbenga Aji, Jibadz, Mayo, Ken Ibe TJ, 47, Raymond, Korede, Moyo, Ejiro and all y'all anonymous visitors too (you know thyselves).

This is my current state and I say with much confidence that I shall be back and better! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
                                                                                                               Yours bloggingly @ moi frequency,

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Monday, October 18, 2010

Hope the weekend was good?
Twas a big challenge blogging over the weekend but thank goodness we're back.
There's quite some new stuff to be published and I won't hesitate to do that. Published one of them whose link is included as a Trending Now post for today.

Don't forget to click 'Like' :) and also its easier to comment now on the other pages. Will try to implement that on this page too.

Monday...hmmm...not so fun for me but I know you'll have the best of time today. Something tells me I might be incommunicado for about a week or more beginning from this month's ending. I hope not anyways cuz I'll miss you guys and I'm working on writing as much as I could then publish periodically. arrgh..too much stories...Now enjoy my latest which is:
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lessons from the Mine

"All 33 Chilean miners have all been rescued!", the voice announced from the radio this morning.

I was elated.

This is really a world class show of endurance, love and leadership. I mean, my hero of the day is the Shift Foreman of the mine, Luis Urzua who came out last as proposed due to his vital role.

That guy is a true leader. I mean think of it, they experienced unfavourable temperature and pressure at that depth with some of them with ailments such as diabetes.
But u know when ur out of options, there's tendency to freak out...no sunlight, no normal life, just in one enclosed room 700ft underground with 33 men for 69 days. A'int no joke mehn.

50 satellites were deployed to cover the 2010 SA World Cup but amazingly 52...I mean 72 satellites stayed on their watch, the whole of Chile was glued to their TVs, the President was outside the mine waiting and praying and relatives obviously weren't left out.

The drama was so intense and eventually all 33 came out. It just shows that nothing sure binds than people going through adversity together and encouraging one another.

Like their famous chant I also join them to say Viva Chile!

I hope we adopt this culture and also put in prayers flood victims in some parts of Lagos and Ogun State in Nigeria. As you do so, you'll never be forgotten in your time of need (Amen).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lagos, Ogun and Chile

Feels good to be blogging right now although the news haven't been encouraging. Those 3 places right now need prayers more than ever.

 Some parts of Lagos and Ogun State have been experiencing flooding of recent which has led to loss of lives and property. So whether or not you know where this is or about it, just spare 15 minutes of your time today to put this people in prayers.

So much for just 33 men you might say but its just one story that has touched me sincerely also, speaking of the 33 trapped miners in Chile. Trapped for over 10 weeks underground ain't no joke o. Also put them in prayers and I'm certian something positive will come out of this.

I also found out some interesting facts which I'd like you to read in my latest note on the raw talk page which is:
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Monday, October 11, 2010


Hope you had a great weekend? I hope you did anyways and if not, then get ready for a wonderful day ahead of you. Yeah, I said so.

How many ants does it take to make a landlord happy???

C'mon! Some humor at least.

Ok I was asked answers to some riddles by my lil ones over the weekend which I hardly got. Part of which I put above. Then I guess they ran out of riddles and decided to form theirs, so I heard this hilarious one again:

niece: I am something, the police likes me and even everybody, what am I?
neph: Gun, got it! got it!
niece: shut up!
me: um...lemme see..Food?
niece: food ko..food ni
niece: how come u guys don't know, it's Bribe!

Can u imagine even kids are aware of our Men in Black's green friend. God help us all.

So whatever you do, don't forget that a frown smile is a curve that can straighten out a lot of things.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Its glad to be back from the weekend after series of activities.

Asides the independence celebrations, twas a privilege to attend a powerful 2-day Summit over the weekend and I can say the effect will be felt for ever.

Part of the things I was reminded of was the fact that Knowledge is the new world currency. Lions feed on fresh meat which is why they are strong and command respect. It takes a lion heart to have a lion share in life. So knowledge increases your leverage in life.

Wish you a great day!

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