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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Full pending gist + BLOG GIVE-AWAY!

As I earlier promised, I'll be giving you the gist of the function I attended. Well, it was the Commencement ceremony that took place at my alma mater. Not mine though, but I had to go celebrate with all my friends.
It was quite fun all through; though a few hitches alongside, but that can't be compared to the fact that I got to see a lot of people whom I had only known over the internet.

To all the peeps I met, it was such a great pleasure!
Special people like the editor of Lowla Dee.com, (see picture below). Her stories always inspire me a lot!
Mikesfrequency meets LowlaDee.com

Not leaving out some key friends in my life. They always motivate me to be dissatisfied with 'good enough'.
(Left-Right) Me, Kenny & T. Babs...Friends to keep.
I've come to know that friends really play a vital role in our lives, consciously or unconsciously. You can't rule that out.

The ambiance of the new lecture theatre was irresistibly beautiful that I just had to upload the picture. I really see Nigerian Varsity education going forward.
Sweet learning room

And to the people who walked up to me to tell me how they enjoyed visiting the blog...I'm honoured and I won't stop sharing by God's grace.
Now to the main thing!

oKAy now to the main gist. As you all know mikesfrequency will be ONE on the 1st of August 2011! Yay!
So here's the line-up of activities.

August 1st (Day 1): Mikesfrequency's 'Complete the Poem' Competition. (Winner Announced on this day and gets any of Myne Whitman's books (Shipped to you) + A free exclusive Blog Design for a non-blogger).
Conditions for winning: You must be following this blog & you must take part in the Poetry Competition on the poetry page...Closing Date is July 31st 2011, 2300hrs GMT)

August 2nd (Day 2): Discussion Forum Section of the blog will be launched and we will be discussing MARRIAGE! It's supposed to be an avenue for sharing ideas in this age of Gender Equality where it's easy to misplace roles of the man and the woman in the family. Discussion topic will be posted on that day.

August 3rd (Last Day): A mimed solo by me (on popular request) + Audio shout-out mix

>>>View Competition and Partake!!!

Let's also have your views on how we can serve you better. Thanks!
(PLEASE RT on Twitter and Share on FB)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Back from my lil break

Hello everyone. Yes, I was away to attend a function as stated in my last post. I have loads of juicy gist for you all but it's quite late now and I must rest.
I intend to give you full details and pictures of the highlights of all that happened.
You know when people you barely knew before walk up to you and say, "Michael, I follow your blog and it's really nice!", all you can do is just be humbled and fired-up to do more.
Also I met Lowla Dee in person at the event. YAY!

I opened a new chapter in my green note today.
On it these are the words inscribed boldly on a full page.

iPLAN...   iPRESS...   iPURSUE...   iPROSPER
Moving forward with God

I probably do not know what it means yet but I'm by the grace of God re-strategising.

A big shoutout to D-i of 'Apples to Cross'. Thanks for dedicating a post to us at mikesfrequency.

Stay tuned and watch this space for full gist download.
Love you all. I mean it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Wisdom of elders

Wadup blogsville and readers alongside.
Okay, It's strange that I'm blogging now cuz I'm supposed to be preparing for something which comes up tomorrow Friday but nothing spoil. I'm enjoying it.

I've been promising heaven and earth about a Solo and I have decided to do it!
*applause* *drumroll* Hehehe.

Straight to business, I'd just like to drop a nugget for the weekend.
But before I do remember to check the Trending link below for a hot new poem by a featured writer on mikesfrequency. Feedback will be appreciated.

Now check out this comment by someone on an article I read sometime. Don't just read fast (be patient), absorb the wisdom in the letters.

''I love this story to the extent that it brings to the fore the importance of know - how as well as experience. Some of us labour all day at problems which can otherwise be resolved by more knowledgeable and experienced persons because we believe we are qualified. The institutional / memory knowledge lies with key members of staff and it is within easy reach by all of us if we would have the humility to tap into it...''
 Does that sound like you? Sounds like me anyways. Sometimes I just want to find out things on my own but then I've realized the benefits in the wisdom of elders. Their knowledge might be 'ancient' but ever relevant.
Mentors too...they make your journey easier cuz they've been there, done that.
I hope this blessed you. Now check out the piece below(Click the link).

Trending Now: Romance Instructor by Oluwaseun Ogundolapo.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the Anniversary things

People of blogsville, I've run out of concepts o. Okay there's an audio shout-out thing I'm doing for our 1year Blog Aniversary. But I know it should be more than that. So I'm going to give you a low-down of what I have in mind.

1. The Audio Shout-out (ongoing)
2. Something to make you laugh
Now that number 2 has a lot of commas, cuz my reputation is at stake...okay maybe not sha.
For No 2. I plan to do a solo (2a) (as suggested by Relentless Builder). Hahahaha. In my croaky voice...
or do an audio blog post (2b) in Yoruba (so you think I'd let you laugh at me ehn?)
So which do you prefer???

These days I haven't been busy that much but I've been a bad manager of my time which I have looked into.
Back to creating my to-do list, sticking to it and cutting off unnecessary lapses in time usage.
My life is made up of the time I spend daily. If I waste it, I'm indirectly wasting my life. That's too costly/precious to experiment with I must say.

3. Last on the list is - Do a blog give-away which I don't know how to do and what to give.

Any nice ideas would be welcome please.
BTW...Watch out for something on the Humor page soon.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nigerian Blog Awards Drama

So I thought within me that it would be very unfair not to talk about the awards ceremony. Live Tweeting at its best, people pulling off the 'Kanye West' as expected.

This post is dedicated to all the winners. Ye all shall be acknowledged hia and below this post is my own mock #nigerianblogawards

But before I continue, who is Chutzpah ooo??? Packing awards like no man's bizness.
Congrats to her anyways...I can't help but laugh at the responses on Twitter. Someone said she should be Obama's campaign manager. Well, on to the next...

To my contenders in the 2 categories we were nominated for, I say welldone but I must acknowledge
Kevin WithanL's blog for winning 'Most Humorous Blog 2011'. I'm coming for you. ;-)

Also congrats to Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah's blog - Nigerian Blog of the Year.

@Sisi_Yemmie, I don't have the words for you. You also packed 2 awards under our nose...'Most Unique Voice in a Blog' & 'Best Blog by a blogger based outside Nigeria'

Linda Ikeji & Not just ok, congrats!

Now to the blog veterans that did not win. I sincerely think you deserved to but that doesn't change anything.
And did I hear someone request for the Poll results...haba Nigerians.

My favourite Collaborative Blog - Afrosays, with their explosive stories. You guys are the best jorr. You 'n Betty with your crazy stories.

@DynamiqueProf: Nominee, Most Inspiring Blog...You are awesome bro. First visit to your blog and I was hooked. Keep writing more!
@chocberry: 5 awards Nominee...Keep writing too. I enjoy your musings jare.

also I hear @toolsman is a great blogger and his supporters are quite pissed o. I'll go ova there and check out what you have. Good one too. I just did now...Wait, your last post has over 145 comments!!! Kilode. OKAY...with all that traffic, you deserve it.

Now to my awards:
Tatafo of the Year: Linda Ikeji
Out of the Blues/Team Obama Campaign Award: Memoirs of a woman with Chutzpah
Weird but Interesting Musings: Afrosays

See I haf tired, add yours below.
And to my latest new friends>>>@HappyBBB, @Sisi_Yemmie, @KevinWithanL...
follow back on Twirrer! | @moifrequency |

Friday, July 15, 2011

Truebranches Press Release

If you read the Truebranches Interview on our interview page, then this is the Press Release of its product launch.

Nigeria's foremost M-Commerce and E-Commerce site only @ moi frequency...*wink*

You can also check out the new look of the Truebranches Site.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Support this cause.

Initially I wanted to do a blog post on the flooding in Lagos which has been quite a concern this past few days. Shortly after the decision, I decided to quickly scan through Linda Ikeji's blog which I do go to often and then I came across this post which I found quite disturbing at first. Disturbing because, I wondered how she still managed to smile through the pain after 77 surgeries!

It's a Fundraiser for Kechi Okwuchi, a former Loyola Jesuit student who was one of the two survivors of the 2005 Sosoliso plane crash.

Quoting Linda's blog:
"A devastating plane crash, over 60% intensive burns, up to five weeks in medically-induced coma and over 75 surgeries to date have not hampered the spirit of our friend, Kechi Okwuchi. She may have been terribly disfigured by the accident but Kechi’s determination and hope to achieve her dreams regardless, inspire us each day. We would like to share her story so that it may inspire you too.”

After the crash, Kechi was immediately transferred to South Africa for urgent treatment. Since she had to relearn to perform muscle movements, physical therapy followed when Kechi was in a more stable condition".
 READ MORE about the story here and please be kind enough to donate through the details given. God bless as you do so.

WARNING: Images may be disturbing to viewers as they contain pre- and post-surgery pictures.
View information & photos of her condition.

Friday, July 8, 2011

...tired but hyper...???

I can't even think of a title for this post cuz I'm so tired...

To tell you how bad it is, I posted this first in the wrong page. *smh*

Today was sort of busier than normal. I should have posted this a few hours ago when I was still hyper. I just want to dedicate this post to thank God for what He did today for me. Little me.

You know those times when you think you're messing up in a corporate setting where optimum performance is required and He just comes up and cleans up your mess.


Okay, so since ayam hyper but tired kinda (is that possible???) and I can't post a picture of me to show you how happy I am, let this guy in the video below express how I feel inside me right now.

I just want to tell you something that in all you do...remember that God has you in mind. So don't quit trying. No-one said the journey would be easy but in the end...after the story comes the glory.

Love you all!

Keep them votes coming also | @ moi frequency | 2 awards | Voting ends tomorrow.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Photoshoot Thursday

So I was an early bird today at work and I decided to explore. Inquisitive as I was, to say the least, I took the elevator to the last floor of the building. It's funny I've been in a place for a year and that place looked strange to me.
Twas actually evacuated and I sensed that a coy had moved out recently.

Na so I see one shiny door.
Ya... that was the door
It led to the roof and boy...was that breeze cool or what?!!

I sharply started my own photo-shoot...no time

The view made sense and I sorta felt happy cuz of the experience, the breeze and I think It might just be a nice hanging out spot during Lunch hours.
Bar-beach from my perspective
And that's him...Yea me.

But asides all these, It occured to me that I would have been confined to my cubicle downstairs unaware of the beautiful ambiance the scenery upstairs had to offer.

Move out of that norm and do something different for once. There's nothing as refreshing as a new experience. Larer y'all.

Wanna laugh>>>Here's the zone
P.S. If we win any award on the Blog Awards, should I do a Boyz II Men solo for you guys or I should post a Planking picture? HEHEHEHE!

I took this pic maself. Can you figure how??? 

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Planking + other things

It's fun to blog these days and I actually have a write-up in mind on Parenting. I just did the plot of the story on my 'Notepad' on my PC but I'm too tired to write/type this night.

hmm...Mr Strass-Kahn in another alleged Rape suit. Its rather sad.
The rate at which scandals are being uncovered these days make one wonder sometimes what is going on.

Latest Planking News: Funke Akindele has also planked...on a bag of rice. *smh*
still *smh*

Okay, I thought of an idea today. Silly though.
I want to do a solo and upload it for you to hear. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!

Act like you never heard the last sentence. But I might actually and it will be next month (1st Anniversary-August 1st). Till I think of a better idea sha. That's all folks!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday nite holla

This nite is just annoying. My laptop charger decided to blow ni sha. Okay, I decided to blog with the remaining battery life I have. Plus the mosquitoes are on form this night. Imagine, one just passed me now.

Anyways I just wanna holla at...YEH! my leg!
I bet that wasn't a mosquito. This things are carnivorous. Its ON!

#TeamMosquitoShowdown to the rescue.
Gatta go. Have a nice week y'all.

Have you read my latest...With Love from Mollusca. 
You berra do and keep them votes coming o. Vote for @moifrequency (2 awards) on the Nigerian Blog Awards.

Saturday, July 2, 2011


Okay what is the world turning to these days. First its planking, now Windeck.

First time I saw the video at an eatery, I laughed cuz the dancestep was silly. So 'Windeck' is a song from an Angolan musician by the name Cabo Snoop and its gaining crazy popularity these days. So out of curiosity, I searched for the term on google and this was what I found from a forum where some Angolans commented on the song.

Note the highlighted part
Well, thats not all, here's another...
From another forum
 So my question is this...Does it make sense listening to a song that presents sex 'in this manner'? Children dance it, adults aren't left out. The sad part is stuffs like this spread more than the gospel itself.

Well, its rather sad. I watched a documentary recently on Abortion, titled, 12th & Delaware. It was absolutely touching and I thought to myself. Its all a chain reaction.

Media presents lustful contents, I watch and one day can't stand being a spectator. So I act. She gets the unwanted pregnancy which has to be removed. Abortion inevitable. Pardon me if I sound dramatic but its true. Anyways, God help us all.

Planking has gone viral!

So as I promised yesterday...oops! Day before yesterday I mean.

I have finished writing something for the humor page. Also check out the interviews if you haven't too. You can't afford to miss out na. Some laughter at least. But before you go on, I have a silent question.

It has gone viral as some will say. I visited a few blogs and laughed all I could.

Planking is a position you supposedly take with your hands by the side. The position they say, has to be awkward and straight. Hands by the side too.

All courtesy of Chizy Spyware's Blog
DJ Neptune

Even this lady. hmm...
This next one was just too hilarious to contain...
Okay just click the Trending Topic before you think of having any thoughts of 'Planking'. So weird!
Don't forget to vote for @ moi frequency for 2 awards on the Nigerian Blog Awards site.
Trending Now: With love from Mollusca.