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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Middle Sleep

This blog post was inspired by a little child I woke up to go to bed this evening.
It's usually fun sometimes when you witness the drama of waking a sleeping child.

So I walk him to the gents...
Then..."Oya now, oya jor..."
After minutes of no luck, then I try the age-old "sssssss..." and there comes the log-awaited pee. Yay!

The silly things we do sometimes while asleep could amaze us. I remember an issue that I denied responsibility for when a friend claimed he brought an attendance sheet to me at 11pm to sign. That's all I could recall.

The next day he shows me the signature space while laughing and mocking me. I actually put 'dy/dx' in that space.
Another occasion I was woken up from sleep (a bit older as at then). I murmured and walked to the room opposite mine and waitied oooo. In my half-asleep mode, I stood patiently at the locked door, hoping for The door to open without any effort from me.

It is fun recollecting though. Have you experienced such moments?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

An awesome vlog post.

I got a mail from my very good friend LowlaDee whose blog is one wealth of inspiration, today.
I clicked on the link and was all awww-y all through the video, We've all passed through this times at one point in our lives and it's always a beautiful moment when things are back in order.

Do watch, enjoy and drop your comments.
She blogs at LowlaDee.com

Drop your comments below.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My poetry reading video

Thanks to @ilola, I wouldn't have known that the video had been uploaded on the Loudthotz Youtube Channel.
Okay it was a poetry reading I attended in January and it hold every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Orange Academy by the Independent Poet Concerns which hosts the event.
Transcript is beside/below the video:

Tick tock…think and talk,
all the hours round the clock,
up the hill and down the alley,
Born today, tomorrow we marry.

He crawled yesterday…walked today,
she’s born today…tomorrow dying,
tick tock…think and talk
will you tomorrow tick with the clock?

Every heartbeat, another deficit,
to and fro the earth…life’s deceit,
tick tock…think and talk,
the blooming flower was once a stalk.

I love you today, not sure of tomorrow,
greatest paradox like joyful sorrow,
tick tock…think and talk,
let’s all hope we keep ticking with the clock!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new therapy

Heyo peeps!

It's hard to believe I'm still awake after all the work of yesterday. Yes cuz its 12:30am already and I'm supposed to be up early later today.

On a normal day, by this time I'm too exhausted to open my laptop so I just drag my self into my bed, try to pray and I wonder how it always happens...once I open my eyes, it's morning and I feel tired like I never rested.

At a point, I was having a lot of afraidness on my daily schedule till I re-found this new therapy I'd love to share with you. It's something we all know but hardly practice.
It makes me wake up refreshed and it's something you will mosdef gain from.
It's the 'Water Therapy' which I want you to try. I feel so energetic *Grunts* YEAH! Oops 12:45am.

Okay straight to the point, I haven't practiced it fully but I recommend it for you as it is known to even be a cure to a lot of diseases, relief from stress, good digestion, feeling fresh and energetic during the day, glowing skin, etc.
It has been tried, tested and proven!

- As you wake up in the morning, drink 4-6 glasses of water before brushing.
- Do not take anything until after 45 minutes after which you can eat or drink.
- After taking breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not eat or drink anything until after 2 hours.
- Take lots of water within every 2 hours.

This is one of the many simple gifts from God which I'm thankful for - WATER.

Also, my own jara for an energetic body is:
- Avoid eating past 7pm ( me I do 4/5pm most times)
- Instead of taking soft drinks, opt for water. Those things make you weak if you're not burning them off.

Note: Be prepared to visit the gents/ladies a couple more times than you used to. It's normal.

That's basically it sha. Try this today and please gimme feedback. Thanks! *off to play Rugby*!!!

...of course that would be in my sleep nah! :-D

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

#Things we take for granted...

A bit tired but I have to write this.

I thought of tweeting about this, hence the hashtag, but I got occupied with something. But thinking of it, there are so many things we tend to take for granted. I'll still tweet on it though.

Taking the wheels of your car, without uttering a prayer, yet you still enjoy safety.
Eating and your food digests...ask those who have to be injected with supplements.
Peeing unaided...you don't use a tube.
You can smile...ask someone with paralysed facial muscles.
You have a boil/stye in your eye, yet you complain...ask those who have in the butt, sitting would be bliss.
Watching your favourite team lose a game without having a stroke...
You drink water daily and you swallow...ask someone with a peristalsis disorder.

You have a God who cares about you and yet we allow material things to steal our joy. Not good at all.
Take a moment and think of more things you feel are normal and Say 'Thank you Jesus, I love you'.

It felt good. That's how I want you to be from now onwards. Have fun. ;-)

By the way! *drags reader back* Before you think of closing this tab, I hope you have read this lovely story I wrote recently in the Trending Post. You berra! :-)

Trending Now: One Last Time...Valentine Edition.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My first playlet...for your viewing

Hello peeps, I had the chance to do a few blog rounds this morning and was able to drop a few comments on some blogs.

I recently volunteered to write a short playlet for a church which would be acted on stage this Sunday. Before I submit, I have uploaded it here for your critic and polishing.
Kindly help point out things you feel need to be changed, things you enjoyed, etc.
The theme is centered around Youths/Teenagers and Peer Pressure.

Here's it:
INT – The Adetola Family Sitting Room


(Bisi is in the sitting room curled up in the sofa/chair reading a book)
 (drops the book on the floor out of boredom)

(Mrs Adetola, her mum walks in and meets Bisi on way to kitchen)

Mum: What have you been doing all day?

Bisi: Reading this book, it’s about…’Building…never mind ma.

Mum: You know what, I’ve been thinking…(she pauses and continues)…Bisi, I can barely count the friends you have, if you have any that is.

Bisi: Mum, here you go again (shyly faces down, right hand on neck) --->; was trying to depict the body language.

(Bisi continues)

Bisi: At least I have Damola.

Mum: The one that dropped out in SS2 (sarcastic look)

Bisi: What of Chisom?

Mum: The one that ran away from home?

Bisi: Well, there’s Farida…

Mum: You haven’t heard from her since she moved out two years ago…Just look at all those you mentioned. Just imagine the kind of ‘beings’ you surround yourself with!

Mum: You just sit at home doing nothing, reading all sorts of…(she picks up the book and bursts into laughter)…’Building self what? (hiss).

Bisi: But mum…I just…

(Mrs Adetola interrupts)

Mum: You just what…you just what, you think this is how you build self confidence, by reading this nonsense. Do you want to end up like your father? EHN! Damilohun! You this girl that has refused to wake up!

(she continues)

Look at Cynthia, yuppie girl, see how useful and useless boys chase after her up and down the street but even flies refuse to chase you.

Bisi: But mum I don’t have nice clothes like she does and her father is rich with big cars and…

Mum: Bisi, just shut up! Shut that mouth of yours…Her father has big cars and this and this and that…what rubbish is dropping from your mouth?

Know this, your dignity is not in the clothes you wear, it’s in how you carry yourself with the little you have. Get that straight into your skull!

(Mrs Adetola walks out angrily)

Bisi: Oh God...I'm fed up! what do I do…?


(Bisi is answering a phone call of some party invitation by Cynthia)

(ends call in excitement as Chinedu walks in with friend, Adamu)

Chinedu: You look so excited, share the news…and by the way meet Adamu or ‘Dames-man’ for short

(Bisi looks puzzled)

Bisi: For short? I think I’ll stick with Adamu. *stretches hand to greet Adamu*

Chinedu: Cynthia told me she invited you for the party and I was so surprised you know.

Bisi: Why? How do you mean?

Chinedu: Anyways, that’s aside, lemme have your PIN?

Bisi: Safety or Office PIN? (innocent puzzled look)

(Chinedu and his friend, Adamu exchange puzzled looks and shake head in disappointment)

Chinedu: What planet are you from you this girl?! I’m just disappointed and amazed at the depth of your ignorance… (pauses and sighs)

Chinedu: (continues) …I’m not comfortable being your friend! You’re just a stale girl jor! The way you dress sef, I’m just managing (loud hiss and faces away from her).

(Instrumentalist mimics Superstory soundtrack) This is for comic relief since this is a tensed part.

Bisi: (stammers and talks slowly) P…Please Chinedu, I…I just want to go with you to the party; I don’t want to be alone at home. (sobs)

Chinedu: Bisi! Bisi! (holds head in frustration) . Enough of this crap from you. Just see how pathetic you sound!

Adamu: Let’s go man, I’ve had enough for today.

(Bisi drops on her knees and sobs in regret)

(rises up in anger and faces audience)

Bisi: Now listen all of you! I have had enough. Who do I choose from? What do I do to catch up? I’m confused of the many opinions…

Where is my IDENTITY?!

(Sobs loudly and exits stage)

(curtains fall) If there’s one :-)


Please drop your honest comments below. No sweet words, say it just as you see it. I have till Saturday to make changes. Love you all!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Silence broken at last.

I'm really short of words on what to say. How I've abandoned this blog for over a month still baffles me. Thing is, the urge to write something comes but the patience to articulate fails me. I'm sorry for leaving you my readers hanging. Outside blogging though, I've still been a bit active in the literary world.

 The highlight of them all being the Loudthotz Poetry Reading I attended some weeks back and guess who I met... Atilola! I was so elated that day as I entered and sat down around strange faces eager to read their bad-ass poems. I felt so happy though...first Poetry reading...opportunity to read my so-called poem in front of an audience.

 Mehn! I was so impatient. Then sitted next to my right was Sam Bright of Naijastories and I was so in heaven. After him was a lady whom I later knew to be...wait for it...Atilola.

Sambright - Naijastories

Chisom the organizer
Sam and I (my heart was pounding here ehn!)


Okay you know when you've always had virtual relations with someone and you now get to see the person in the flesh...So exciting!

Well, some people I definitely can't wait to see in person (with the hope I don't faint out of excitement). Myne Whitman tops the list (There's no list jor!)

Relentless is another culprit hmm...LDP yep! How could I forget 9JAFOODIE!!! *slurp!* Toinlicious...*nods vigorously* Honeydame...absolutely, NIL, Woh infact all of you sef!

I read my poem...'Ticking Away' which for some weird reason was renamed 'Tick Tock' by me while sending the entry. So the next poetry reading is February...which do you suggest I send in in the poems listed below: Tatashe or The Battle?
Board room view