Friday, February 24, 2012

My poetry reading video

Thanks to @ilola, I wouldn't have known that the video had been uploaded on the Loudthotz Youtube Channel.
Okay it was a poetry reading I attended in January and it hold every 2nd Thursday of the month at the Orange Academy by the Independent Poet Concerns which hosts the event.
Transcript is beside/below the video:

Tick tock…think and talk,
all the hours round the clock,
up the hill and down the alley,
Born today, tomorrow we marry.

He crawled yesterday…walked today,
she’s born today…tomorrow dying,
tick tock…think and talk
will you tomorrow tick with the clock?

Every heartbeat, another deficit,
to and fro the earth…life’s deceit,
tick tock…think and talk,
the blooming flower was once a stalk.

I love you today, not sure of tomorrow,
greatest paradox like joyful sorrow,
tick tock…think and talk,
let’s all hope we keep ticking with the clock!



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