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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michael's keyboard (3) - Homeward bound

Hi again! Missed me? Today's talk is based on something that happened over the weekend.

So on this beautiful day, he wanted to have a haircut. You know, that nice trim and friction from a skilled barber.
He calls his barber friend to know if he's around. Oops! No show!
Hair starts itching as usual when it has overgrown and he begins to scratch and scratch as he buries his head into his PC and gets immersed in another dose of serious work.

The issue is not with the scratching but my main issue gangan are those coins and gems that are rendered homeless and left lying on the keyboard.

He eventually leaves his room. 7 minutes 41 secs later he's at Mega Plaza (in VI). *raising hat to OKADA* Cheers!

He stops over at Leke Alder store and smiles at how awesome a brand Leke has become. A true consultant indeed.
"I have to become a brand myself", he thinks. "I should stop biking". After trying to make a business case for why cabs are better compared to bikes in his head, he arrives at barbing salon.

The place looks so nice. Hand in pocket, he walks to the attendant. This is the true test of personal branding...he thought again.
Patapata, he guessed he will barb with N500 na.

Morning mad'm, I wanna have my hair cut.
N2500 sirr, she replied.
He smiled. For the clipper?!! he asked in amazement.

The true test of branding...thought flashes across again. What will Leke Alder do in this case? He will barb of course.
  Michael starts pinching himself hard as she shows him to a sit. Kai! N2500
Suddenly she says...The barber is not around yet sir. Would you like to wait or come back later?

I could imagine tears of joy flowing from his eyes.
OH DON'T Worry MAD'M, I can always 'check back'.

With so much alacrity he walked out of mega plaza, before the barber appears to his dismay.
Anyway, there's something called 'selective Amnesia'!

Hope Michael doesn't get to see this sha. That is one of his gist I spilled. plus I hear he'll be coming home fully very soon. Quite sad for me. I just hope I can tell you more stuffs in another post, else, this might be the last for the year from Michael's Keyboard. *sniff*

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Michael Keyboard 2 (A frustrated episode)

Sssshhh...(hushed tones). He is officially pissed!

One month away from home. I actually pity him now. I didn't before.
I heard him once discuss with his friend how he misses blogging, his little niece and neph, his family, his bed, his...phew, the list is endless.

News has it, he'll be on this project till the end of DECEMBER!!!
I've never seen him under pressure like this before that.

Well, enough of all the pitying, before I continue here is a mail he got from a friend that I stole for you to read *wink*

Dear woman
I am very happy to inform you that I
have had feelings for you since Monday, 9th of December 2011. With
reference to the meeting held between us on the 6th of December 2011 at 19h00, I would like to present myself as a prospective lover.
Our love affair would be on probation
for a period of three months and,
depending on our compatibility, would
be made permanent. Of course, upon
completion of probation, there will be
continuous on-the-relationship training
and relationship appraisal schemes,
leading up to promotion from lover to
The expenses incurred for coffee and
entertainment would initially be shared
equally between us. Later, based on
your performance, I might take up a
larger share of the expenses. However,
I am broad-minded enough to be taken
care of on your expense account. I
request that you kindly respond within
30 days of receiving this letter, failing
which, this offer will be cancelled
without further notice and I shall be
considering someone else. I would be
happy if you could forward this letter to
your sister if you do not wish to take up
this offer.
Thanking you in anticipation.
The man in love

He's coming!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Michael's Keyboard (1)

Hi Dear Reader,

This is Michael's keyboard. Since He has refused to use me, I now have a mind of my own. I'm fed up of being used for typing some annoying scripts and memos and stuff that I care the least about.

I wonder why you even bother to read the junk he writes about. I think I write better than him. At least so far, I haven't been that bad and I'm making you smile. He hardly does that.
Yeah right! Don't be deceived by the Humor page, I could do better.

So you think I'm crazy. Uh un! Who's the one reading some random message from a ...keyboard???

Well for the fact that you got to this point shows that I'm not boring. So I'm fun right? I'm about to round up now...

Aha! That created a sad feeling in you. Didn't it? Say the truth common. We don't have to have it all together everytime. You know...those crazy moments. When you just wanna forget being serious and do something silly or just let out your inner child. Yeeeaahhh. This moment. Urrgh...Now I'm starting to sound like him.

Truth is I'm very pissed with him. He just gets so immersed in work and forgets he has a life outside that. Mtcheew. Sure you never heard a keyboard hiss. Like mtcheewwww. That felt gewd.

So he's been away on some project or something like that for over 2 weeks now. Misses his family I think and you guys too. But I'll be communicating with you guys in His absence to tell you of any gist he can't share himself.

So we can be friends right? Anyways you don't have an option cuz we're stuck till he gets back to his relaxed self.