Sunday, December 4, 2011

Michael's Keyboard (1)

Hi Dear Reader,

This is Michael's keyboard. Since He has refused to use me, I now have a mind of my own. I'm fed up of being used for typing some annoying scripts and memos and stuff that I care the least about.

I wonder why you even bother to read the junk he writes about. I think I write better than him. At least so far, I haven't been that bad and I'm making you smile. He hardly does that.
Yeah right! Don't be deceived by the Humor page, I could do better.

So you think I'm crazy. Uh un! Who's the one reading some random message from a ...keyboard???

Well for the fact that you got to this point shows that I'm not boring. So I'm fun right? I'm about to round up now...

Aha! That created a sad feeling in you. Didn't it? Say the truth common. We don't have to have it all together everytime. You know...those crazy moments. When you just wanna forget being serious and do something silly or just let out your inner child. Yeeeaahhh. This moment. Urrgh...Now I'm starting to sound like him.

Truth is I'm very pissed with him. He just gets so immersed in work and forgets he has a life outside that. Mtcheew. Sure you never heard a keyboard hiss. Like mtcheewwww. That felt gewd.

So he's been away on some project or something like that for over 2 weeks now. Misses his family I think and you guys too. But I'll be communicating with you guys in His absence to tell you of any gist he can't share himself.

So we can be friends right? Anyways you don't have an option cuz we're stuck till he gets back to his relaxed self.



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