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Saturday, March 31, 2012

My long pause in blogging

I really don't know how to feel tonight. Firstly, I'm very happy God made me understand the reason I've been going through some things of late.

Secondly, I'm very happy I got to see my circle of close friends today.
All these are consolations to a fact which I've been trying hard to come to terms with today.

I lost a friend.

A close friend whom we both worked in my school chapel's technical department (we call it 'Olive Media').
Slumped while jogging in the morning. I tried to convince myself it was a lie that he could make it. He was still in ICU by then. Then I got to know he had passed on. I was distraught. I've been a bit down coming to terms with the fact that Femi is no more. But God gives and He takes, BLESSED be the name of the Lord.

Also, I've been angry with myself for why I didn't blog or write. At a point, the thought of it became exhausting.
Tonight, I decided to google why people slump while exercising. While searching I came across a webpage that talked about 'Why we have slumps and how to get out of them'. I was glad I found it even though it addressed a totally different issue.

Truth is, for a month now, I had slipped into a slump. i.e. gotten to a state of exhaustion where productivity begins to drop and one tends not to do the things he would usually do. I thank God I found it because it made me realise I had been pushing my self too hard, wanting to achieve so much yet with little results.

I feel relaxed and thankful for the day and the friends whom I spent time with today. Even as I go to bed this late (12:34am), with so much mixed feelings, I know God's got my back and will help me through every phase of this journey called life.

Rest in Peace Femi. Olive Media will miss you greatly.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Plea for Help...

Hi everyone, it's been a while yea. Actually I had to do this post as a matter of urgency.


I stumbled on a particular tweet by @omojuwa (Japheth Omojuwa), which led me to a link on Linda Ikeji's blog.
Its about Okeoghene John Igwhiwotho, an ex-student of Federal Government College. He's a diabetic mellitus type 1 and 2 patient and has been bedridden for the past six years. Six years of not walking, had his toes amputated. The pictures I saw were disturbing and I just got teary-eyed over the issue.

I got his number on Linda's blog and sent him a text. Guess what...He replied!

Am I being dramatic?... or is it just the thought of the kind of pains he goes through daily I should think of...Here's an extract of how he described it:
For six years now, my legs have failed me, they cannot move me; I cannot move them. My health is failing me but I keep up all hope that I will be fine.

There are some things you do not choose in life; the family you are born into; the country you are born into; your genes; the sicknesses passed through those genes. I cannot change these. You cannot change this but, there is something you can change. Something you can save; my legs; my life.

Okeoghene John
He needs N5 million naira for a surgery in India and that's why I thought of sharing this with you if you haven't read it.
Please tweet about it, do a FB status on it, share on BBM, do a blog post and let's together save a soul that needs our help.

Here are the details:

Account Name: Ighiwoto Okeoghene John
Account Number: GTB - 0012913007
UBA A/C- 2054468076

You can call to sow seeds of encouragement on 08063255842.

There's a FB share button below. Please spread the word.
Official Twitter Hashtag - #saveOke

Monday, March 12, 2012

March Poetry Reading video

Thanks to all that responded to the poll on Working class mum vs Work at Home mum. In case you missed it, please endeavour to read the interesting views.

If you noticed, my last two posts have been written in a rush plus with heavy sleeppy eyes sef. It's just been hectic and I took out time to relax this Thursday at the monthly poetry reading.
The video is below for you viewing plus the one from Atilola and Kemi Bon...powerful poems.

The GAP - Kemi Bon

The Battle - Michael Onobote

My Friend, My Enemy - Ifeanyi

Feedback will be appreciated.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Which type of mum/wife?

I conducted a poll tonight and I asked my friends questions relating to what kind of wives they'd rather be. Work at home or Working class and I was pretty amazed to find that 50% of women want to be working class while 40 % of men also wanted working class, 5% wanted Stay at home arrangement while 5% were not interested in marriage.

Civilization or what? Ask me and I'd also as you...What happens to the family when both spouses are out.

I was furthermore amazed at the answers I got which I decide to publish for your eyes and also for you to drop your own views on this very important issue.

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