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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MIA Series: Pt 3 - Beach Resort Trip

So this will be the final in the series I started in my last two posts.

You guys totally have given me another name based on the forgetful act I executed on my friend's wedding. Hehe, it's not as bad as it may have seemed though. And don't change your mind of inviting me to your wedding. Noooooo! Jellof wice must not pass me by.

Throughout last month, I was operating on a funny dimension where I engaged in a lot of activities but just couldn't find reasonable time for the things that mattered. I felt exhausted almost everytime when I just think of the fact that I had blogged over a month ago.

So I had this opportunity to join a group of people in church for a trip to Eko Tourist Beach Resort (a.k.a. Akodo beach) which lasted for 2 and a half days. Twas the definition of F.U.N.!

Day 1
The hyper side of me couldn't wait to extract all the fun so I dashed to the football pitch as we arrived...in hot Akodo sun...
25 minutes later, you should have seen me panting like a goat that just drowned.

On the pitch few minutes after arrival

Just so you know, the picture below shows how hyper I was...:-D

Me on ze right in ze air catching ze wind!
At evening time, my tummy had started singing the Symphony of Beethoven in Waffi language. Luckily, lunchinner (lunch + dinner) was about to be served...

Me with ze striped Tees...
Day 2 (Saturday)
Early morning aerobics, Beach jogging, team build activities and many more took place. I learnt one aerobic routine that dealt with my thighs for a week. Gush! Exercise is gewd I must say!

One of the Team build activities on 'Trust'
Here you had to blindfold someone who was your partner in front and the person was meant to fall backwards with the assurance and trust that you'll catch him/her.

I learnt a lot from this exercise. Sometimes in life we just have to learn to trust people...over time.

In the night, we had camp fire, ate barbeque (stole from people's plates while being chased around), danced through the night, sat on the sand with new-found friends, gisted a lot and collected contacts.(Yes...contacts *wink*)

We visited the site where Obafemi Awolowo was kept under house arrest in those days (before independence I guess, not sure). But I saw the clothes he wore, his shoes (nice leather ones), the bath tub he used then...everything well-preserved.

The Fashola-refurbished site where Awo was kept
Asides the fun and visits, we also had the chance to give stuff to the people around the Akodo community. Things like school bags, food, blankets, mosquito nets and the Word was shared with them. I felt fulfilled atr this point. The high point was where I was selected to conduct an interview with the Onilekki of Lekki alongside the organizers. I held the mic with a camera facing me and delivered. Hehe, I hope I can have access to the video to share with you guys.
The sea-side
The goodies shared

Day 3 (Sunday)
Departure :-(

Saw a movie, packed our bags and set out for our various homes. I HAD FUN.

As a follow-up to this nice experience, I would be visiting the Equity Resort (Ijebu-Ode) soon and visit somewhere I've never been to outside Lagos. *fingers crossed*

Friday, September 21, 2012

MIA Series: Pt 2 - The wedding and forgetfulness

I must say with all sincerity that the highlight of my week was reading the comments from you guys on my last post.

You people sha know how to make someone's head swell ehn. Okay lemme confess small: When I put up the post, I felt like it just did not sound right to just badge in, out of the blues and be expecting comments. But you all just proved that blogsville still remains a family. Family always accepts you.

I've been to some blogs and hope to visit more to know what y'all have been up to.

So I was given the cherished privilege to this wedding where I was asked to be on the grooms train (second time doing that *wears bad guy shades*)
Before the D-Day, groom had called series of meetings (about 3) with the guys & ladies on the train to discuss plans and all. You can guess that I didn't attend any. I really would have loved to with all sincerity.

Anyways, to cut long story short, I had set reminders on my BB, added the calendar, though I could not join the BB group cuz of my inactive BIS (been away for months, can't keep up with that thing. sheesh!).
In my head o, I sha knew it was August 18 and I relied on my phone who happens to double as my PA, to remind me.

Friday, August 17, best man calls me to remind me of the wedding by 9am tommorrow. I was happy.
But I think in the midst of my excitement, I mistook 'tommorrow' as 'next week'.

So I woke up on this beauriful saturday, checked the time...8am...checked the date...18th...somethinng didn't feel right...na so reminder just pop up! SEYI'S WEDDING - 1hour to go. I.WAS.MAD. 8:10am already

1 minute - Brush
2 minutes - Baff
7 minutes - Look for shoe all around the room
2 minutes 32 secs - Wear cloth (Luckily, I had those ready as I'd ironed for the week)


28 secs - Rush out of out house
1 minute - Rush back to grab address (Luckily again I had checked directions on Google Maps the previous week)

Discovered the place was just 15 minutes drive from Ikeja. I.WAS.HAPPY
8:40am. I was there! Just in time for the pictures:
That's me walking in. Mr Latecomer
Has this happened to you guys before. Forgetting about a very important event? Or getting late to a very important meeting or date. Would like to know if this has happened before or I need to go for therapy. lol.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

MIA Series: Pt 1 - What I've been up to.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Where do I start from sef. I know right! You don't need to say it *dodges shoe*

I was at at point beginning to think it was some e-curse that I had contracted which actually is part of the reasons I've been inactive for quite a while. I truly missed blogging and I will tell you in actual fact that I made attempts to blog but end up dumping it as the words didn't just always feel right.

(Did I mention I have perfectionism tendencies?)

It's a strength and a big weakness and I've decided to write something however it may sound (to me).

Highlights of where I've been, what I've been up to and what I've learnt; which I'll be talking more in-depth about in series include:

- Finishing 1 and a half books ('Rules of Work' - Richard Templar & 'How Stupidity Saved My Life' - Okechukwu Ofili)

- Hanging out at a beach resort for a couple of days

- Attending September Edition of the 'Loudthotz Poetry Reading'

- Visiting the Boys' Remand Home in Oregun with an NGO

- Being on the groom's train on a wedding

Anyways these are just about the major events that I have been involved in which I'll just talk about with the aim of sharing some things with you.

Hopefully, the writing jinx is broken. I feel the rush already and I'm optimistic about what lies ahead on the writing horizon. (LOL! I made that up, sounds cooool).