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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward day

Today had its nice and awkward moments ooo. This Lagos na wa!

So I was just going jejely on my own o for lunch this afternoon and I got stopped by this bros.
He spoke Yoruba all thru and was trying to convince me to buy 'AGBO' (herbal tea/drink)!
I try not to be snobbish yet still quickening my steps like I didn't hear. Then, this bros started walking fast after me o.
Come and see stylish running. hm! No time. I have lived too long in Lagos to fall for any pranks.
Very very awkward things that happen can cause afraidness.

On my way home, I started thinking of what to blog and some awkward things crossed my mind.
So I decided to share with you my worst interview moments. It wasn't funny at all then.

Check out the awkward conversation
Me: Sorry I'm late sir
Interviewer: That's not good for a 1st impression, have your seat. We'll have to be fast with this.
Me: (*screaming in my head* OPE OOO) Okay sir *awkward smile*
Int: I see you've got 'this' and 'that' on your CV but I must say...what we do here is quite different from that...
Me: *fingers start shaking*
Interviewer: So tell us about yourself.
Me: *mouth opens for 10 secs but words do not flow* Next thing I hear from myself is ..."I'm good...I'm...I'm a fast person...sometimes I try to blend in them...yada yada bla bla bla(*screaming in my head again* WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MICHAEL!!!)
Interviewer: ???
Me: !

You don't want to know the rest of the gist. Trust me...
'I'm good'??? What is that?

Here's one comment from a blog post I was reading one time on a random guy that was trying to chyke a girl

"if u stay in Ibadan (the home of razz and dirty guyz) u will understand the pain i feel more… u r on ur way to probably buy diesel for the generator nd u r angry dat a chic lyk u is goin thru smfng dis traumatizn, u try to form chic in ur condition by wearn a pair of GUCCI shadez wf ur tube dress nd leggings (still carrying the diesel gallon wf its mouth stuck wif pure water nylon cos dere is no cover) ...oooshheee! den this Ibadan boi comes and says ” ‘ello baby was trynn to know u more, are u goin to bought your generator some fuel?’
Noooooo! am takn dis to the ice cream store. I want dem to sell mine in the gallon. guyz abeggiiiiiii…..no wound me!!"
You think you have more awkward stories? feel free to share o. Wonders haven't ended.

Have a nice night y'all. Watch out for something on the humor page in the next 24 hours *wink*

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


So we kick off the week on a good note. Your favourite blog has been nominated for 2 awards in the Nigerian Blog Awards. Yay!

Best Humorous Blog & also...

Nigerian Blog of the Year.

It feels good I must say. Okay...I'd also be bringing your way a very interesting interview later today + Our 1st audio interview also. I'm still trying to upload the audio anyways. You would love it.
Its a slow Tuesday morning over here.

The audio is done uploading so you will get the link to the interviews in the Trending link.

Enjoy the rest of the week!
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indulgence Day

So just as it is, today, unintentionally (in my world) turned out to be that title above. Being too serious kills creativity.
Can you imagine being in a cinema and all you can think of is to go to the book store??? For what? Okay so I broke my movie jinx today. I watched X-Men First Class. COOOOOL!!!(2 fingers in the air).

And ummm...ya..its a big deal. I happen to pass in front of silverbird galleria virtually every blessed day and I haven't seen a movie in say 3 months. I must add that I went there...say 3 times...just to get books. *smh*.

So I discovered, there some things I haven't been doing/done in a long while which I'm going to be indulging in just for today (I hope). Last on the list is 'sleeping early'. (c'mon 10pm is early now). Well whatever...I hope you had a great day?
If you didn't, maybe the video below will help you laugh a little. Okay, that is on the indulgence list too.(Post your 1st ever video on the blog).
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!(and end with a silly laughter).

Monday, June 20, 2011

I owe you.

*On my knees* No excuses. I miss this space soooo much.
It's my mind's slate and I owe you all an apology for being an unfaithful blogger. Hehehe...

Now, its funny what's happening this days in my beloved Africa.
Gaddhafi power-drunk and hell-bent on holding on to it. If only he realises that sometimes to prove you're a man you have to let go. But its sad the way things are turning out. People living in caves like we are in the days of old.

Heard Mubarak has a stomach cancer. *smh* I hope he makes it through.

My beloved Nigeria, on the brink of a Naira-value nosedive now deals with a major National issue of insecurity. Wars in others countries are fought with neighbouring countries or even non-neighbouring ones but my beloved Africa wars with its very own self. Where lies our dignity?

I just hope y'all are keeping abreast of the happenings around you. Notwithstanding, good things are still happening. In the Sports scene, we're not doing bad. Entertainment industry hasn't gotten any better.

God help us all. Don't forget to read my latest note.
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Smashing 1st Lady!

I saw the first lady's makeover pictures and all I could say was wow!
She has changed a lot.
Some nice re-branding concept. I Like!
Our 1st Lady Pose
Courtesy: www.onobello.com
She looks so dashing and I'm so proud of my 1st Lady.
Yes ke! In your face.
Courtesy: www.onobello.com

More pictures of the first lady pictures here. All taken by TY Bello.
Guys, don't forget to nominate mikesfrequency for the Nigerian Blog Awards (poster on the top right).
You can start on the nomination page.
Copy this link address: http://mikesfrequency.blogspot.com

Paste it into Category numbers 3, 7, 14, 26, 28 & 30.

And SUBMIT! That's all.

Only nominate once and check your mail to validate your vote.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Chickens to Eagles

I can imagine tomorrow's Newspaper Headlines.
Punch Newspaper which is a bit mature might put it on their sports page as "Eagles emerge winners!"
Complete Sports-"Eagles demolish Argentina Messi-lessly"
Alawiye Yoruba Newspaper- "Awon Supa Eagle fi atarodo merin soju Argentina!"(The Super Eagles put 4 red peppers inside Argentina's eyes) I'm serious ooo.
I can't even imagine PM News? This newspaper scares me the most with their headlines.
If you think you can beat mine, then its on.
The Match!

But seriously my darling Super Eagles were upgraded from the former Super Chickens' Status to Super Eagles. Twas a brilliant performance this night and I dedicate this post to them. Nigeria 4 - 1 Argentina.
Argentina played poorly though coupled with poor officiating and I wondered why a regulation time of 5 minutes extended into 7 and a half minutes. Rather sad.
Guiness 'The Match' as it was tagged was such an innovative idea asides the soccer game itself.

Mr Tuface with Brilla FM's presenter sang the Nigeria anthem to open it up.
The 5 winners of the Guiness Raffle draw also took part in the game which was my best part.
I did not say they played ooo!

One of them was chosen to walk with Samson Siasia (coach Super Eagles), One to handle the camera action at the sidelines (I wish this was me, hehehe), One guy (Oliver Anozie by name) as an analyst alongside that charming Supersport 3 Soccer analyst. He stammered a bit but made sense with his analysis of the game at halftime. The other 2 were to....I've forgotten sef.
Anyways I enjoyed the game and for once I think we might soon start seeing the Super Eagles we knew in USA 94!

Okay! Away from soccer, I'll be editing Steve Harris Interview this night which should be up by tomorrow morning. Watch out for revealing facts on how he came all the way from being a college dropout to a Corporate Sell-out!
No other way do you get this, than @ moi frequency! *wink*