Wednesday, June 1, 2011

From Chickens to Eagles

I can imagine tomorrow's Newspaper Headlines.
Punch Newspaper which is a bit mature might put it on their sports page as "Eagles emerge winners!"
Complete Sports-"Eagles demolish Argentina Messi-lessly"
Alawiye Yoruba Newspaper- "Awon Supa Eagle fi atarodo merin soju Argentina!"(The Super Eagles put 4 red peppers inside Argentina's eyes) I'm serious ooo.
I can't even imagine PM News? This newspaper scares me the most with their headlines.
If you think you can beat mine, then its on.

The Match!

But seriously my darling Super Eagles were upgraded from the former Super Chickens' Status to Super Eagles. Twas a brilliant performance this night and I dedicate this post to them. Nigeria 4 - 1 Argentina.
Argentina played poorly though coupled with poor officiating and I wondered why a regulation time of 5 minutes extended into 7 and a half minutes. Rather sad.
Guiness 'The Match' as it was tagged was such an innovative idea asides the soccer game itself.

Mr Tuface with Brilla FM's presenter sang the Nigeria anthem to open it up.
The 5 winners of the Guiness Raffle draw also took part in the game which was my best part.
I did not say they played ooo!

One of them was chosen to walk with Samson Siasia (coach Super Eagles), One to handle the camera action at the sidelines (I wish this was me, hehehe), One guy (Oliver Anozie by name) as an analyst alongside that charming Supersport 3 Soccer analyst. He stammered a bit but made sense with his analysis of the game at halftime. The other 2 were to....I've forgotten sef.
Anyways I enjoyed the game and for once I think we might soon start seeing the Super Eagles we knew in USA 94!

Okay! Away from soccer, I'll be editing Steve Harris Interview this night which should be up by tomorrow morning. Watch out for revealing facts on how he came all the way from being a college dropout to a Corporate Sell-out!
No other way do you get this, than @ moi frequency! *wink*



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