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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yay! Merry Christmas Memories

Wishing you all a very wonderful, happy, hilarious, spectacular Christmas celebration. Still waiting for Santa though. Advice to all my fellow peeps. Eat all you can...I have laxatives for you. Enough of em' too.

Well, its never too much to say cuz I'm feeling this year's Christmas than the one of the previous year. Merry Christmas again and much love from us at mikesfrequency (*wink*).

So I decided I must write something nice for you all in this wonderful season and not just anything, its a hilarious conversation between 2 versions of Father Christmas on the Humor Page. Before I do that, what's the plural of Father Christmas and secondly didn't you use to hate that his annoying laughter...as in Ho Ho Ho Ho...what's that?

Mehn...I'm just pitying the ones unborn with the rate of civilization and technology advancement.
I could just imagine taking my child to Father Christmas Grotto...wait a minute I still remember that word...Grotto! They put all those mat-like things on the wall of the place and the queue you have to endure to see that white-bearded dude?...endless!

And I can remember those days of waiting in the queue and I'm eager to see him and when it gets to your turn...Voila!...Tears, Screaming...Take me away from him...He's scary!

Good ol' days...
Recalling the good times. Okay! Now I always thought that red-white costumed dude was the real Santa. I always wondered where he slept, how he got there, where he got the gifts. Endless questions...till one day I saw a pack of Jollof Rice and tiny Meat in my gift pack and I'm like What?

Santa cooks too? Wish there was Mother Christmas to help out. Thats unfair!
So here's the piece I've dedicated to everyone out there.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Skin

So I think most times of what to write and its like its not flowing well these days.

Its easy to point fingers at the stressful schedule and things I've been so so occupied with. As in, my hands just hover over the keyboard attimes like one desperate mosquito that just cited its prey and I just wanna write something but it doesn't come or should I say it comes but its not just up to standard.

Then I realized something that in a way I wasn't considering my audience but instead on publishing that hit note that will literally blow you away from your keyboard. (As in, imagine yourself literally being blown away, the slow motion, Hollywood effects, etc). You see what I'm saying, what was all that about. arrgggh!

Okay so I guess I was just concerned about me (very bad, shey?) Well, I plan to launch a new section of the blog for mainly Discussions. i.e. Forum kinda thing whilst still keeping the others fresh and sizzling with improved contents.

So just to add. mikesfrequency will be wearing a new skin with effect from Dec 22nd 2010 till January 2011 just to flow with the mood of the season.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I Love you all!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Weekend

I am so glad the blog is back to normal. I changed the looks for a while for those who noticed but I still wasn't satisfied cuz the Jeans thingy is more of a trademark you know. The website that hosts my background Denim page had technical issues which resulted to the blog's distorted interface.

Glad to be back again and I promise not to be too far from you for this long again. Your readership is what makes me keep writing to inspire and a for the comments...superb!

My weekend was fun and one of the best I've had in a while! Want me to spill the beans?...naaaa. I'll tell you bout the other things that made it worthwhile such as the Annual Winners Chapel Programme known as Shiloh 2010 tagged 'Breakthrough Unlimited'.

Shiloh 2010 programme was indeed impactful and its Breakthrough Unlimited indeed for me. *wink*

Well please don't forget to check out the latest piece I wrote some weeks back.

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Down for Days

Really really really sorry for the state of this blog...It's not pleasing but I can assure you measures are being put in place by the Technical Team.hahahahahaha....me of course.

Okay but to be candid I'm working on making major changes without still affecting the quality of the page in the midst of my bee-like day.

Tomorrow is a big day for me...The Experience 2010. I've never been there and I look forward to it seriously. Well just for those who don't know, its a Gospel Concert that holds yearly and is organised by Pastor Paul Adefarasin of the 'House on the Rock' Church with partnership from other churches such as the RCCG, TREM, Living Faith Ministries and a whole lot more.

The best part is Gospel artists from all over the world are usually invited to grace the often filled-to-the-brim concert held in Tafawa Balewa Square. You get to see the likes of Don Moen, Fred Hammond, Mary Mary, Papa San, etc for free.

Its a time to lift up hearts to the one true God in the peaceful aura of worship.

I just can't wait...

Thanks again for your patience and this error would be resolved soon.