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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Double Good news!!!

I'm so happy with the news in blogsvile.

Tarararam ta! *sidesteps* *snaps finger* sways side to side slowly* *bobs head up and down* Yipee!
First good news is that @ilola has released her book. YAY!

Check out the preview here:

The book is now available for sale on Amazon. (Check sidebar)

Second good news is that Okeoghene Ighiwoto whom I did a post on a while back is now in India for treatment courtesy the Delta State Government and God's mercies. I watched the video and got teary eyed...Here's it.

So as an expresion of my joy tonight. THIS IS HOW I FEEL BELOW...!

Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Money gist

You guys well done on the last post *CLAPS*

Smart women you all are.

You must have noticed the flunctuating comment system on the blog. It removed @ilola's previous comment for no reason. I really haven't been able to check it. So please bear with me in the mean time.

The komole-ing picture will also be uploaded (una like gist sef *side eye*). :-)

2 weeks away from BBM and counting. *phew* It's been relaxing though but I have seen the downsides.
Today, I needed to send an urgent mail to a friend that was to reply back the same mail by 4pm. So I had no choice but to borrow an active BB.

I had a discussion with some friends during lunch today and we were talking about how things we overlooked now in our time seemed valuable in our eyes some years back.
We talked for quite a while and I learnt some things. But before that, I must say, it's good to put things in retrospect once in a while.

I remebered how valuable N100 was to me in Secondary School then. I always spent N20 or max N30 during breaktime then. My regular was Bread (N10)/Meatpie(N10) and Lolly (N10). Days of N30 was when I patronized the school canteen.

The disadvantage with the N30 package then was that the food was either 'obtained' by seniors or 'scavenged' by my mates. Scavenging was the worst. As you were buying the food then, you won't see anybody o, but as soon as Iya Bisi hands over the plastic bowl of hot jollof rice with the dice on top (trust me it was too small to be called meat)...Error! You will see men of valour armed with their spoons to perch for your rice.

So N100 was much in my eyes then, I tell you. Fast forward to SS1, I was still dealing in the hundreds. I remember saving N600 for a whole term then to buy Brick game. Gush! I felt rich ehn. A senior wooed me into adding little on top of the N600 so he would sell his 'Gameboy' to me. The rest is history. hmm...

Another of my friend was sharing how one of his cousins that owns an oil servicing firm was contemplating on buying a $100,000 car and how his jaw was open in amazement. Thing is, few years from now, it would just be a normal thing.

One thing I picked from the discussion is this...'Your wants would always match up to your income level'.
When you're earning N30,000, it would seem all right. When you start earning N300,000, you would be surprised that there would be needs to be met also that will match up to that income level.

So it's all about balancing cash in-flow and out-flow. Never live above your means.
Warren Buffet recommends:

- Don't save what is left after spending , rather spend what is left after saving.
- Have multiple streams of income. This cannot be over-emphasized.
- Pay your tithes/Give alms/Help people.
- Invest wisely, don't just keep your money in the hands of the bank.
Saving in the bank is at a loss. Think of this, highest interest rate on a Savings account that I've ever come accross is 4% , inflation rate is over 10%. So for every 4% gain you lose 10%.
Invest wisely as I said.
- Keep friends that motivate you to aspire high. A recent research shows that the average income of four of your closest friends is almost same as yours.

Have fun trying this.
N.B.: Toin and Relentless I love you both.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hidden message from me to you.

It 1:00 am and I just finished a lovely bar of Snickers. *licks finger*

I'm currently trying to break away from the usual things I do...just for a change. It's been helping. The battle against the recent drop in motivation has been showing positive signs.
Part of the change includes:

- Cutting off from Blackberry*It's been like cutting off air, LOL*
- Started a self-study video tutorial IT course.
- Eating what I feel like on some occasions.(Most times I'd rather eat what I feel is healthy and right for my body, however unpleasant to me)
- Increase in my blogging activity *flashes big smile*
- Meeting new people and taking part in 'selected' social functions *You need a gun to get me out of my house on a weekend, where are we going sef?*
(Was at a business-like party on Friday, wedding on Saturday, Sunday: helping out in moving to a new house.)

Had fun with friends and took pictures *chews chocomilo*
There's one where I was komole-ing with a friend. Can't find my USB, would have uploaded.

Before I share the pictures from the reading with you, let me tell you something I learnt today:

It was one of the thoughts from a Partner in one of the big consulting firms in South Africa who had a few thoughts to share  on his deathbed.

Commitment is not a function of time but a function of conciousness. i.e. Commitment is not a function of how many hours you spend on that person, task or project, rather it has to do with your being there conciously and striving for quality in every second that is invested in that person/thing, etc

Chisom - the organizer

This should be during @ilola's poem reading
Errm, Her (forgotten name). Very expressive and has good diction.
Inset:Yours truly waiting to read, Right: Ifeanyi
Yup, That's him.
So I read 'April Breeze'

Its a tale of never-ending words

Simple yet subtle, piercing as a sword

Twilight moon breeze escorts the setting sun

I'll never grow weary of telling till the early morn

Lords and Ladies, Masters and Minions

Lessons of love humble their millions

Looming vagueness lingering on hope

Onward marching with bloodshot eyes

Victors in perseverance, head held high

Each one bearing unique signs of pain...

Understand their freedom to let go, yet love again.

There's a message embedded in this poem from me to you guys. Do you know what it is? Now let the brain-racking begin. (Hint: What you seek for is the first of every line down)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friends and our future

Today was filled with activities as always but I made out time to enjoy my evening at the Loudthotz Poetry Reading. Twas relaxing to say the least.

Sometimes I just try to think of what people miss from the arts, you know...literature, poetry, artistic drawings and the likes. At a point, I used to imagine what life would be if my future wife would not at least be able to sing, write, draw or dance sha. Just do something 'art-y'. LOL!

I've seen and immersed myself practically in the murky waters of Enginnering for half a decade, tasted and still tasting the enigmatic feel of accounting and business and enjoyed the subtleness of the art side of things. In all, the most relaxing and appealing still remains the arts. Q.E.D.

Also, I'm so elated I'm writing little by little (yea it's a biggy for me o, hm!)
One of my greatest supports has been friends both off and online.

I had a chat with a cab guy today and our discussion sort of drifted to how the 'modern-day' youth is being heavily distracted by fame, stardom and the likes. This just goes to show that we have a LOT to do as aspiring parents.
The amount of information accessible to kids these days is alarming. Gone are the days when what you tell your child is what he holds dear to. Ehn! Google is the second mummy. We have a lot of work to put into our children's upbringing. We can't afford to fail.
One major way in which they are greatly influenced is through friends.

Enjoy this 2-minute clip by John C. Maxwell on the topic 'FREINDS'.

Have a nice weekend! *wink*

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Coming up...thank you!

Happy Easter to you all!


I wanna say a big 'Thank you' to all of you that dropped a message on the blog. It went a long way.
And for those who wanted to make me cry emotional tears of joy *sticks out tongue* I didn't cry; but I was elated. So much love.
Two of the culprits are 'Relentless Builder' and NIL (Naija Mum In London). They both sent me very consoling e-mails and I just was overgasted and flaberwhelmed. Hehe...I sound like Mr Patrick.

Speaking of Mr Patrick, he has some Easter greetings for you. Enjoy!:

“Beyond the fugacious razzmatazz of the moment, I seriously call attention to the rutilanting and coruscating modus vivendi of Master Jesus the Christ and I dare pontificate that save and until we viscerally emblematize the virtues of self-immolation, quintessential abnegation, eulogizeable simplicity, Christ-like humility and immerse ourselves in a platonic emotionalism of agape love and communalistic service, we would have woefully failed in learning and imbibing the true meaning of EASTER.

We must elevate this moment from a proscenium of joie de vivre into one of meditative transcendentalism”.

Happy Easter!!!

Well, I'm trying to bounce back to full energy and trying to get some strength, breaking rules too.
Good Friday was spent celebrating a wonderful friend.
On Saturday, yours truly ate thrice and slept wella.
Easter Sunday (today) was spent in church and with family.

God has been awesome to me and I'm thankful!
Happy Easter once again!