Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friends and our future

Today was filled with activities as always but I made out time to enjoy my evening at the Loudthotz Poetry Reading. Twas relaxing to say the least.

Sometimes I just try to think of what people miss from the arts, you know...literature, poetry, artistic drawings and the likes. At a point, I used to imagine what life would be if my future wife would not at least be able to sing, write, draw or dance sha. Just do something 'art-y'. LOL!

I've seen and immersed myself practically in the murky waters of Enginnering for half a decade, tasted and still tasting the enigmatic feel of accounting and business and enjoyed the subtleness of the art side of things. In all, the most relaxing and appealing still remains the arts. Q.E.D.

Also, I'm so elated I'm writing little by little (yea it's a biggy for me o, hm!)
One of my greatest supports has been friends both off and online.

I had a chat with a cab guy today and our discussion sort of drifted to how the 'modern-day' youth is being heavily distracted by fame, stardom and the likes. This just goes to show that we have a LOT to do as aspiring parents.
The amount of information accessible to kids these days is alarming. Gone are the days when what you tell your child is what he holds dear to. Ehn! Google is the second mummy. We have a lot of work to put into our children's upbringing. We can't afford to fail.
One major way in which they are greatly influenced is through friends.

Enjoy this 2-minute clip by John C. Maxwell on the topic 'FREINDS'.

Have a nice weekend! *wink*



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