Sunday, April 15, 2012

Hidden message from me to you.

It 1:00 am and I just finished a lovely bar of Snickers. *licks finger*

I'm currently trying to break away from the usual things I do...just for a change. It's been helping. The battle against the recent drop in motivation has been showing positive signs.
Part of the change includes:

- Cutting off from Blackberry*It's been like cutting off air, LOL*
- Started a self-study video tutorial IT course.
- Eating what I feel like on some occasions.(Most times I'd rather eat what I feel is healthy and right for my body, however unpleasant to me)
- Increase in my blogging activity *flashes big smile*
- Meeting new people and taking part in 'selected' social functions *You need a gun to get me out of my house on a weekend, where are we going sef?*
(Was at a business-like party on Friday, wedding on Saturday, Sunday: helping out in moving to a new house.)

Had fun with friends and took pictures *chews chocomilo*
There's one where I was komole-ing with a friend. Can't find my USB, would have uploaded.

Before I share the pictures from the reading with you, let me tell you something I learnt today:

It was one of the thoughts from a Partner in one of the big consulting firms in South Africa who had a few thoughts to share  on his deathbed.

Commitment is not a function of time but a function of conciousness. i.e. Commitment is not a function of how many hours you spend on that person, task or project, rather it has to do with your being there conciously and striving for quality in every second that is invested in that person/thing, etc

Chisom - the organizer

This should be during @ilola's poem reading
Errm, Her (forgotten name). Very expressive and has good diction.
Inset:Yours truly waiting to read, Right: Ifeanyi
Yup, That's him.
So I read 'April Breeze'

Its a tale of never-ending words

Simple yet subtle, piercing as a sword

Twilight moon breeze escorts the setting sun

I'll never grow weary of telling till the early morn

Lords and Ladies, Masters and Minions

Lessons of love humble their millions

Looming vagueness lingering on hope

Onward marching with bloodshot eyes

Victors in perseverance, head held high

Each one bearing unique signs of pain...

Understand their freedom to let go, yet love again.

There's a message embedded in this poem from me to you guys. Do you know what it is? Now let the brain-racking begin. (Hint: What you seek for is the first of every line down)



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