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Friday, February 25, 2011

Time is on a powerbike

Another weekend again. WHoosh!

I wrote something to post here this morning but got so engrossed in what I was doing that I must have sworn I posted it. Twas some lil tips on how to manage one's life in the midst of these crazy world.
Okay I wrote 2 poems this night and I'll be publishing one of them for your views. Lemme know watcha think when you're through reading it.

You inspire me and knowing that you're reading this keeps me going so be kind enough to leave your traces behind either by liking or commenting or both.
Well, this weekend is sure mapped out for some things and I hope you planned yours too. Planning doesn't necessarily mean work. Plan the outing, the movie and don't just live on impulse thoughts.
Have a great weekend and be sure to visit the poetry page as you click the trending topic below.
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Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick one

As the title reflects, I just decided to drop a quick one before I rush back into what I'm doing.
Hey Thank God its Friday!

So much has happened in just one week and its scary trying to keep up with targets and deadlines sometimes.
Had this very inspiring/productive chat with a frien yesterday and it really made me know I've got to buckle up!

So I decided to also share that with you. We all have the same time on our hands. 24hrs; no more, no less.
Its amazing how sometimes we waste it on unnecessary things of this world but its good to know that you're reading this. I hope you'll make amends and use your time wisely to create that awesome future you crave for, still fully aware of the fact that God is the sole force behind your/my existence. I wish you an awesome weekend.

Also I read this captivating piece which I strongly recommend. It's a piece by Lowla Dee a popular blogger and its titled, 'Monster Within'.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top form.

I'm so on form tonight...writing form that is.
hmm...so how did I spend Val's day.hmmmmmm...That's for another day.

I bet you're eager to know..right? Well today was awesome! That's the best word I can give you and I wanted to do something for you but had technical issues. Well just a video compilation of today's best moments captured around the Lagos Metropolis in Nigeria. Next time I'll think of something ahead of time.

Here in Nigeria, tomorrow marks the Id-El Mohloud Muslim celebrations of the birth of Prophet Mohammed. Wishing all my muslim peeps a wonderful time and enjoy the rest of the week. Don't forget to click the link below.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hi there,
Ok I think I'm trying a bit to stick to my promise. Funny enough, there's ample time to write but lets just call it indolence.
Today is a beautiful day especially in this part of the World. Everyone in their beautiful regalia smiling happily to church to lift up holy hands. I wish we carried the Sunday-attitude with us everytime, but guess what most times...NO!

If you want to understand what I mean just take a drive through '3rd Mainland Bridge' in Lagos, Nigeria on a Monday morning and you would just almost laugh your head off. Frowning CEOs, Crazy/Luna Bus drivers, Outrageously annoying hold-ups that just annoy you naturally and the list is endless.
But you know what, its all a decision to let it affect you or not.

I love the analysis a woman gave on the radio during a talk show. She said we should try to understand that our body is a vehicle and we are the drivers. If the driver is unstable, definitely the vehicle is bound to lose it too. So connect with that inner you and know that you have the option to chose to be calm or respond to every thing that comes your way.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, February 11, 2011

I've been having what I'll call e-interviews of recent to get various views of people on the upcoming April Elections in Nigeria and its been really interesting.

I had sessions with Myne Whitman, Steve Harris and a couple of others. Good to know the registration process though with a few hitches ended successfully and Nigerians believe its going to be a crucial inflection point for the progress of the nation...talking about the Elections, that is.

Don't forget to visit the interview page while you read to see the first of the series of interviews with Myne herself who beautifully analyzed the situation alongside giving her opinion about her own pick if she were to vote.
Firstly to all my readers, I wish you a great weekend and secondly Happy Val's Day in advance.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So I'm awake early today and decided to tidy up the new piece I've been trying to finish for days. Had some issues with ending the story properly but its now finished for your consumption.

So I'm looking forward to a great day ahead of me.
Not planned it yet but that will definitely be done. Beautiful Tuesday morning it is, time to get working. I'm stil trying my best to stick to my promise of posting regularly so just stay with me and subscribe to the RSS Feeds slightly above the 'Search' bar on the top-right of this page. That will enable you get up-to-date info as its released here.

So before I go, here's something to ponder on:

"The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time" - Abraham Lincoln

So I urge you to go all out today and make the best use of it. Have fun and all the best!

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Monday, February 7, 2011


Staying up late is fast becoming a habit for me, regardless of the fact that tomorrow is...WHAT??? Monday!
hmm... Well, I'm enjoying this anyways. Firstly I'm still dusting off the cobwebs on the blog and I can assure you, new ideas are being implemented. Watch out for the Election series coming soon featuring Myne Whitman (Author of 'A Heart To Mend'), Steve Harris (renowned motivational speaker and Management Consultant), Lowla Dee and a couple of other note worthy personalities.

It great to know that you're doing great (at least reading this is a proof of that). So go out this week and have the best of fun...Work Smart and Play Hard.
Its not too late to also do a refiring on the goals you set for the year. Don't be left out!

Wishing you all a great week and make sure you bookmark right away cuz you sure don't wanna miss any upcoming posts on this blog. Talk to ya soon...*wink*

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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why at all?

Have you ever tried to wonder at times why some things just happen? I know you have...anyways... but that was just for the sake of asking. Was trying to look at the reason why I enjoy writing which as at few years back was only based on circumstances.

Its either I'm writing to pour out my mind on an issue or happy about something or just pissed. And all along this was done at the highest level of secrecy. I remember the I used to have this long 'Higher Education' book like that and once in a while would scribble every syllable of expression into it.

Then one day...the unimaginable happened...It was sighted by additional pairs of eyes and not an extra pair but 3 pairs of big eyes...female ones to add!, staring and laughing at my sillyness in print. Oh my...I turned green that day but I still remember the look I got from those eyes. You know that look that says..Wow! Nice!...Twas heart-lifting to look on the brighter side.

Well I guess at some point in life, we get embarrased by some things we feel a'int up to standard which we hold back from prying eyes...You know...like singing in the shower, break-dancing in your suit in front of the mirror before heading for work...the list is endless.
  The point in all you do should be to know why you're doing it and if you're convinced its what you want to do...RIDE ON! Enjoy life! Sing, Laugh, Dance(even though your steps aint nice) and make sure you do all to the Glory of God.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clean Up

Hi everyone,

Now where do I start???

First of all I've come to dust all the cobwebs on this blog cuz its been a loong while. No excuses definitely!

Want to let you know how sorry I am for leaving you hanging for this long. Technical issues have been resolved and I look forward to serving you better as the days go by. This is where I get to express my views and I want it to be interactive so I'm putting together measures to enable easy feedback for you.

Here in Nigeria its Elections Elections! and nothing else.

My heart also goes out to families in the Northern States of Plateau, Borno and Bauchi affected by the unrest and I know God is always in control.

Tomorrow I'll be featuring a wonderful poem that caught my attention on Facebook and I know you'll love it so watch out!

Check out the new piece I dedicate to you all. Click the link below:
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