Saturday, February 5, 2011

Why at all?

Have you ever tried to wonder at times why some things just happen? I know you have...anyways... but that was just for the sake of asking. Was trying to look at the reason why I enjoy writing which as at few years back was only based on circumstances.

Its either I'm writing to pour out my mind on an issue or happy about something or just pissed. And all along this was done at the highest level of secrecy. I remember the I used to have this long 'Higher Education' book like that and once in a while would scribble every syllable of expression into it.

Then one day...the unimaginable happened...It was sighted by additional pairs of eyes and not an extra pair but 3 pairs of big eyes...female ones to add!, staring and laughing at my sillyness in print. Oh my...I turned green that day but I still remember the look I got from those eyes. You know that look that says..Wow! Nice!...Twas heart-lifting to look on the brighter side.

Well I guess at some point in life, we get embarrased by some things we feel a'int up to standard which we hold back from prying eyes...You singing in the shower, break-dancing in your suit in front of the mirror before heading for work...the list is endless.
  The point in all you do should be to know why you're doing it and if you're convinced its what you want to do...RIDE ON! Enjoy life! Sing, Laugh, Dance(even though your steps aint nice) and make sure you do all to the Glory of God.

Have a great weekend!



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