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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monthly Reviews...1465 Hits!

 Here's a comprehensive review of the total visits in the past month since inception...

>>Interviews<<   All-time statistics = 433 views
This were the interviews with the highest hits:

West Africa's 1st Electric Car- 208 pageviews with highest feedback comments.
Eagles @ 50 - 122 pageviews with 11 'Likes'
One-on-one with Tolu Akanni - 52 pageviews with 10 'Likes'

Visits from countries: Nigeria:355
UK - 84
US - 54
Others include: Canada,Hungary,Malaysia,China,Belgium,Kenya&Denmark

>>@ moi frequency Homepage<<   All-time statistics - 392 views
Post Title with highest hits:
Welcome to my homepage!: 22 pageviews
Hard to swallow, but its true: 22 pageviews
Inception...another hype? - 20 hits (same as pageviews)

Nigeria-232 views followed by US & UK

>>Raw Talk<< Alltime statistics - 328 hits
Article posts with highest hits:
Good People Great Nation...? with 109 hits/pageviews
I love you Buddy! by Adeleke Adedolapo(Lowla Dee) - 48 hits/pageviews + 16 'Likes'
Target Locked! - 47 hits + 12 'Likes'

Highest Pageviews from Nigeria, US, UK, Canada, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Kenya, Ghana and Denmark with the least

>>Best of Poetry<< All-time  250 hits
Poems that got the most attention are:
Tatashe (I'm Hot & ur Not!) - 21 hits + 7 'Likes'
Just 4 words! - 21 hits
IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU...by Somto Okeke - 20 hits + 5 'Likes'

Country visits from Naija and the ones listed above with new visits from India, Netherlands, UAE, Spain and Taiwan :)) We are going global...*laughing*

>>Humor in the Ink<<
Now something has gone wrong with a particular section of this blog. I guess by default you don't bother clicking the 'Humor in the Ink' again. Well that should change in this coming month...Ya I mean it, humor is good, health and mental-wise. So the only post there is

Lagos Wahala by Oluwole Bankole (Afrosays) with 62 pageviews

Interview of the month: West Africa's 1st Electric Car
Poem of the month: Tatashe (I'm Hot & ur Not!)
Article of the month: Good people Great Nation...?

Total visits to the blog = A whooping 1465 hits!!! Thanks to you guys!
Keep coming...I'll keep writing.

Coming Soon: Rewrite the Scripts...Its going to blow you away...like literally

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hard to swallow, but its true

As always I wish y'all a wonderful week. Hope you read my last post on the Raw talk page but if you didn't, you  can access it here. Its a must read!
There's a video also on the raw talk page that I wouldn't want to talk about. See for yourself and as I tagged it, its so deep you might drown.

Happy with the facts and level of information I come across this days that are just so relevant to the present plight of our environment cuz I've come to realize from a quote I came across one time about success by Alvin Toffler that says:

The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

Still on the issue of learning coupled with knowledge I must say its just overwhelming and at the same time sad how much one misses with each day that goes by wasted.

Went visiting at a relative's house one time and before I go on I must say, Whenever you have the chance to speak with an elderly person, cherish those moments...They are golden!

So in the process of discussing with him, or should I say listening to him, he made a statement that hit me hard, hard that I swallowed the bitter truth pill of what he said:

He just smiled and said, 

"You know what...Knowledge is proud because he knows everything...

???...I was still trying to make sense out of it when he dropped the punchline that followed his first statement and he finished by saying:

"...and wisdom is humble because he still has a lot to learn! "

Such wisdom in words! I guess this is not meant for all to read but maybe for you...Asides the time spent online I'd urge you to bookmark this blog, add to your favourites or something cuz I know I've got a message to share to the world.

Its only a matter of time...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I so dislike it when my blog goes for days without some new fresh stuff for my seasoned readers.

I could confidently say..Yeah! As we discussed in the post that talked on tips for the week, the water therapy, the stress relief activities..I would rate 70%. This week has been all for learning...bout life, work, family, friends, etc. From all, its so obvious that the fast spreading slogan, "Knowledge is the new world currency" is not just a slogan but indeed a reality as stressed further on my latest post on the 'Raw Talk' page. 
Each day you just notice that there's this insatiable demand for knowledge everywhere.

The week was eventful and I can't believe I wrote into Saturday morning, so that's the reason for that title...very funny indeed. 
I think ama stick to this as long as I get the inspiration and you guys keep coming and dropping those constant encouraging messages that keep me going.

Was chatting with a friend and she said, "Your poem on 'Just 4 words' made me cry" and it was both shocking and encouraging at the same time. One thing about the public media is you never know who's watching or reading so I think I shall keep inspiring you and don't you stop coming over here!

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patiently waiting

Just read a friend's blog now and its just funny how everything around is just preaching 'waiting on God'. Definitely no coincidence but He's tryna say something.

How time fles, wasn't it some minutes ago I wished y'all a lovely week in my previous post and its 25th already but God dey. Its funny at times when we are always on the fast lane in life and miss it fast! I mean zooming past ur prepared place. Guess we should all slow down with them hustling, money chase, carrier upgrading et al once in a while and just calm down.

I mean breathe in and breathe out, for once notice the birds and the sky. Life is just too short. So this is just a thought I decided to share as I wait patiently in God's waiting room for that light as depicted by Harry in his post.

You sure don't wanna zoom past ur prepared place as you chase the insatiable perks of life.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lovely week!

Well, its a happy Sunday to you all!

To my VIP members, commenters, silent and coded visitors (thought I won't catch you shey?) and everyone thats been inspired by coming here, its just the beginning cuz crazy stuffs are still on the way.
Every day is a gift and is enough reason to be thankful to God the creator for being alive.

A new week has rolled in and I want to tell y'all to live the rest of this week like its a Sunday, ok? You know what I mean anyways.

To the Lagos peeps, wish you all the best as you go to your various places.
To my non-Lagos peeps, want you to know Lagos is where its happening o.
And to my janded peeps, yankee peeps and from all over the globe, I wish you also a nice time this week.

Would love to drop a few words before I round-up:
. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and cut down on the sugar , abeg oo (water reduces toxins, aids metabolism and is generally the best fluid to drink).

. When you feel stressed, take a walk, read a relaxing book, hum a song, think of God's love and it might save you the stress of slapping that Danfo driver during the week.

. In the whole 24 hours of the day that you use to sleep, eat, make phone calls, spend in traffic, on the internet, pleazeee  give a portion of it to the one who gave you life to do the other things I mentioned...1 hour is not too much.

After all said and done, I say with much joy...Have a lovely Week!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Aug 22nd!

Sure you're wondering what all this noise is about...even me too I'm stunned at myself.

Well just watch out for that day on 2 blogs and I hope not to leave you in suspense.

Busy busy day it's been especially on a Lagos weekday. Watch out for my latest poem coming out this evening. Even if you don't like poetry, this will get you thinking.
I won't say much about this but do yourself the honour and read some good stuff!
You know I heard someone paraphrase that if you want to hide information from a black man, put it in a book!
What an insult you say! Spare me!
You don't have to read a whole book to get inspired, just one article will do...so what are you waiting for?

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

New knowledge

I have a folder on my system with title 'Aug 22'.  Well you need not bother yourself on what that was all about but very soon you'll get to know.

Decided to blog this early cuz today is gonna be filled with so much to do and I wouldn't love to leave you hanging.

So I had this chat with a friend yesterday and I got so encouraged to learn something new daily so I decided to share that with you too.
I read this book which was a gift by a very close friend a while ago by John C. Maxwell, 'Leadership Principles for Graduates' and as a subheading on the front cover, there's an inscription that reads thus "Create success one day at a time".  Really makes so much sense as we tend to make good use of the numerous hours our day is loaded with.

So I urge you to learn something new today, a new word, new quote, new verse of the bible that'll inspire you, a new fact...just be ahead of the game cuz you never know when such knowledge comes in handy.

So be good and have a great day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Committed to you...

Hey there! 

sure it's been a lil while and I've been thinking of how to really go beyond what this blog offers. 

hmm..noticed the Humor section has suffered some deficiencies which I assure you will soon be fortified with some healthy fun that'll do some good to the body. I mean it takes fewer muscles to smile.

I would like to reiterate and let you know that this is blog is for you so you can send your suggestions on how you think it could be improved by sending them to my personal mail. Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful blog is a committed reader who constantly visits not because he's bored but because he/she knows once he gets here...something just sparks off in him/her.

Well, comments have been enabled on the poems by other authors page but for some reasons, I cannot even comment on it so please bear with me for now.

Learnt a lesson today and what that: Always put God first in all you do. When you feel he's far away from you, guess who moved?

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Friday, August 13, 2010

TGIF! 11 days and kicking

Had an eventful week and I'd say Thank God It's friday!

In all we do, the habit of giving thanks is so essential and before I continue, I say again Thank you Lord!

Gotten really encouraging feedbacks from all quarters as regards the success of the blog. Its been 11 days since the launch and comments have been very uplifting. Over 600 visitors from Nigeria, Kenya, UK, US, Hungary, and other countries and I'd like to reinstate my commitment to bringing better, funny and inspiring contents your way.

So I thought to myself today, life could be a lot easier if we did the things we knew. Checking through biographies of great people you'd find out that their greatness was developed through the darkest periods of their lives, at times when all odds were against them, when adversity stared at them straight in the face, when people spoke negatively and criticized them, when secret sins made them lose faith in what they believed...these dark periods unconsciously built resilience and formed their character.

So I thought of the many motivational talk programs I've listened to, sermons from eloquent preachers, books I've read and one common trend with them is they say the same things only in different ways and patterns. So maybe life would be a lot easier if we took an extra step to do those things at least one at a time and watch your life grow before your very eyes.

Think you've seen the best on this blog. You're totally wrong!

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back & Better!

Finally, the much anticipated interview is out for your viewing.

Its West Africa's 1st Electric vehicle which is trending now on my Interview page.

The interview should have been uploaded since yesterday but the gods of the internet decided to strike my internet connection with their thunderbyte, buts its back!

So make sure you send ur comments on whatever post you read and its all for you @ moi frequency! *wink*

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Lessons of love

Today was filled with lessons which I'd like to share with you.
But first, would like to let you guys know the earlier scheduled interview that was supposed to be featured today has been postponed till tomorrow just to serve you better.

Also to be featured is this great write-up I stumbled upon on Facebook about marriage. It's a great piece by a young lady, Adeleke Adedolapo (a.k.a Lowla Dee). You definitely would not want to miss it.

And before I share the lesson with you, I've included a section for other poets in my Poetry section so please submit your great poems for the world to see...Who knows?

Now to the lesson, this could be a teaser to my next smash hit note which I'd publish soon.
There's nothing as nice as living ready and preparing for unforseen circumstances. In this present day world of nose-diving shares, unpredictable natural disasters and all sorts. It will take only the wise to scale through.

Don't want to bore you with details but all I just want to tell you is live ready and always have the end in mind whatever you do. What impact will what you're currently engaged in have on a long-term basis? Is it worth giving it your all? Are you living just to please man or God your creator? Are you living or existing? If you died today, what would you be known for? This questions at-times help put our life in check.

Life's about balance and we all are learning the art of keeping that scale leveled, so please I implore let's live life with love and balance. You think you're pissed with that loved one? well you have every right to be but you know its lighter to forgive than to nurse that grudge, so swallow your bitter pill of unforgiveness and get that load of your heart. SMILE! :) You never know how younger you look in it. and I'm serious. Now you and I are talking one on one, right? so shake off the burden and give your self that chance to love again. And whatever you do, don't miss tomorrow MUCH-ANTICIPATED INTERVIEW. Be the first to know.

Wish you a nice day...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Upcoming feature

Guess after all, it sure takes discipline to be great.
I finally had the much anticipated interview 2 days ago with the guy I said I'll be featuring shortly on the Interview section of this blog.

It was the highlight of my day and despite the constraints faced, twas a success. I am still editing the parts of the interview and it was such a long talk.

Ok lemme give you just a brief peak into what it is all about.

The innovation is the first in West Africa, could have been the first in Africa but something of that nature had been done already in South Africa by a company.

It is a breath-taking innovation (guess u want me to quit the suspense, but it gets better) . On Monday, it would be broadcasted to the world and for you guys to see and more so you could get to ask me any further questions via my personal mail on whatever you're not clear about on the project.

Much has been said, but I myself cannot wait to feature this breath-taking interview.

You could also check out my latest crazy article: Good People Great Nation...?

Once again, its just for you @ moi frequency! *wink*

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

For u @ moi frequency...

So firstly I’d like to congratulate all my VIP Members on joining my blog. Trust me you made the best decision. The growth so far has been very encouraging and I hope to pass more valuable info to a larger audience.

This blog was launched on the 1st of August officially and on the first day made almost a 100 hits (dats not beans) between the 1st and 2nd. Feedback has been very encouraging as it has featured interesting write-ups that has spurred encouraging and thought-provoking comments..

Now when you get an encouraging comment from Myne Whitman (winner, 2010 Nigerian Blog of the year), you’d sure not want to disappoint..

Progress reports:

COMING SOON: I will be playing host to a great Nigerian youth whose innovation I would feature very soon on my Interview page...just for VIP members.So what are u waiting for?

Considering launching a new section of the blog that will be totally based on your votes, so stay tuned!

Also will include Poetry from other authors shortly on the Poetry section.

Vote Now for your best section of the blog on the right sidebar and be sure to check out Myne’s Blog Anniversary give-away

Thanks once more and Stay tuned @ moi frequency *wink*

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Inception' - another hype?

Guess I could not resist the temptation to write on this much-talked about movie. Well I actually have not seen it yet but after my indepth research I conclude it should be the most asked question for a job interview*chuckles*.

I can imagine you in the interview room and the dude asks…"um..Hey have you seen inception? Then you look puzzled and he looks you straight in the eye and you go like 'Yes of course'. Then he screams, "Dude you are hired!!"

K never mind the silly jokes but Inception from my perspective is not for everyone. It’s a Sci-Fi movie and might remind you of ‘Matrix’ (…hmm I got confused when it got to Matrix Revolution, twas annoying). It takes place in the mind, or many minds if you permit (remember ‘Vantage Point’) and as a whole I think you have to be patient and smart to understand the plot. 
And the ending of the movie I learnt is...find out!
The movie is deep and I think I'm going to watch it and if I wish, probably do a nice review on it. So Watch out!
Marion Coutillard
Can't definitely leave out the star casts. It features 34 year old French star, Marion Coutillard (pronounced 'ma-ri-yon  ku-ti-yad) Oscar Award Winner for the movie ‘La vie en Rose’. I remember I watched the video in school then where she was nominated along-side Ellen Page & some other crazy actors.
Then the announcer goes "...and the winner is Marion Coutillard...blah blah blah!" and she was so emotional.
Also mentioned earlier is young and rising star, Ellen Page star actress in the movie 'Juno' and an Oscar nominee for the same movie in 2008 and finally the main bros himself Leonardo Dicaprio - star actor in the 2nd best-selling movie of all-times, Titanic. OK for those movie freaks out there who already know he also starred in Shutter Island and Revolutionary Road.

So if you haven't seen 'Inception', WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR?

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