Monday, August 9, 2010

Lessons of love

Today was filled with lessons which I'd like to share with you.
But first, would like to let you guys know the earlier scheduled interview that was supposed to be featured today has been postponed till tomorrow just to serve you better.

Also to be featured is this great write-up I stumbled upon on Facebook about marriage. It's a great piece by a young lady, Adeleke Adedolapo (a.k.a Lowla Dee). You definitely would not want to miss it.

And before I share the lesson with you, I've included a section for other poets in my Poetry section so please submit your great poems for the world to see...Who knows?

Now to the lesson, this could be a teaser to my next smash hit note which I'd publish soon.
There's nothing as nice as living ready and preparing for unforseen circumstances. In this present day world of nose-diving shares, unpredictable natural disasters and all sorts. It will take only the wise to scale through.

Don't want to bore you with details but all I just want to tell you is live ready and always have the end in mind whatever you do. What impact will what you're currently engaged in have on a long-term basis? Is it worth giving it your all? Are you living just to please man or God your creator? Are you living or existing? If you died today, what would you be known for? This questions at-times help put our life in check.

Life's about balance and we all are learning the art of keeping that scale leveled, so please I implore let's live life with love and balance. You think you're pissed with that loved one? well you have every right to be but you know its lighter to forgive than to nurse that grudge, so swallow your bitter pill of unforgiveness and get that load of your heart. SMILE! :) You never know how younger you look in it. and I'm serious. Now you and I are talking one on one, right? so shake off the burden and give your self that chance to love again. And whatever you do, don't miss tomorrow MUCH-ANTICIPATED INTERVIEW. Be the first to know.

Wish you a nice day...



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