Sunday, August 22, 2010

A lovely week!

Well, its a happy Sunday to you all!

To my VIP members, commenters, silent and coded visitors (thought I won't catch you shey?) and everyone thats been inspired by coming here, its just the beginning cuz crazy stuffs are still on the way.
Every day is a gift and is enough reason to be thankful to God the creator for being alive.

A new week has rolled in and I want to tell y'all to live the rest of this week like its a Sunday, ok? You know what I mean anyways.

To the Lagos peeps, wish you all the best as you go to your various places.
To my non-Lagos peeps, want you to know Lagos is where its happening o.
And to my janded peeps, yankee peeps and from all over the globe, I wish you also a nice time this week.

Would love to drop a few words before I round-up:
. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and cut down on the sugar , abeg oo (water reduces toxins, aids metabolism and is generally the best fluid to drink).

. When you feel stressed, take a walk, read a relaxing book, hum a song, think of God's love and it might save you the stress of slapping that Danfo driver during the week.

. In the whole 24 hours of the day that you use to sleep, eat, make phone calls, spend in traffic, on the internet, pleazeee  give a portion of it to the one who gave you life to do the other things I mentioned...1 hour is not too much.

After all said and done, I say with much joy...Have a lovely Week!

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