Tuesday, August 3, 2010

'Inception' - another hype?

Guess I could not resist the temptation to write on this much-talked about movie. Well I actually have not seen it yet but after my indepth research I conclude it should be the most asked question for a job interview*chuckles*.

I can imagine you in the interview room and the dude asks…"um..Hey have you seen inception? Then you look puzzled and he looks you straight in the eye and you go like 'Yes of course'. Then he screams, "Dude you are hired!!"

K never mind the silly jokes but Inception from my perspective is not for everyone. It’s a Sci-Fi movie and might remind you of ‘Matrix’ (…hmm I got confused when it got to Matrix Revolution, twas annoying). It takes place in the mind, or many minds if you permit (remember ‘Vantage Point’) and as a whole I think you have to be patient and smart to understand the plot. 
And the ending of the movie I learnt is...find out!
The movie is deep and I think I'm going to watch it and if I wish, probably do a nice review on it. So Watch out!
Marion Coutillard
Can't definitely leave out the star casts. It features 34 year old French star, Marion Coutillard (pronounced 'ma-ri-yon  ku-ti-yad) Oscar Award Winner for the movie ‘La vie en Rose’. I remember I watched the video in school then where she was nominated along-side Ellen Page & some other crazy actors.
Then the announcer goes "...and the winner is Marion Coutillard...blah blah blah!" and she was so emotional.
Also mentioned earlier is young and rising star, Ellen Page star actress in the movie 'Juno' and an Oscar nominee for the same movie in 2008 and finally the main bros himself Leonardo Dicaprio - star actor in the 2nd best-selling movie of all-times, Titanic. OK for those movie freaks out there who already know he also starred in Shutter Island and Revolutionary Road.

So if you haven't seen 'Inception', WHAT ARE U WAITING FOR?

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  1. You have to see that movie for real! I will soon be discussing it on my blog.

  2. Wow! happy u came over to check it out. Well! I'll most definitely going to see the movie too.


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