Friday, August 13, 2010

TGIF! 11 days and kicking

Had an eventful week and I'd say Thank God It's friday!

In all we do, the habit of giving thanks is so essential and before I continue, I say again Thank you Lord!

Gotten really encouraging feedbacks from all quarters as regards the success of the blog. Its been 11 days since the launch and comments have been very uplifting. Over 600 visitors from Nigeria, Kenya, UK, US, Hungary, and other countries and I'd like to reinstate my commitment to bringing better, funny and inspiring contents your way.

So I thought to myself today, life could be a lot easier if we did the things we knew. Checking through biographies of great people you'd find out that their greatness was developed through the darkest periods of their lives, at times when all odds were against them, when adversity stared at them straight in the face, when people spoke negatively and criticized them, when secret sins made them lose faith in what they believed...these dark periods unconsciously built resilience and formed their character.

So I thought of the many motivational talk programs I've listened to, sermons from eloquent preachers, books I've read and one common trend with them is they say the same things only in different ways and patterns. So maybe life would be a lot easier if we took an extra step to do those things at least one at a time and watch your life grow before your very eyes.

Think you've seen the best on this blog. You're totally wrong!

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  1. micheal how far have not seen any piece on naija independence


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