Thursday, August 19, 2010

New knowledge

I have a folder on my system with title 'Aug 22'.  Well you need not bother yourself on what that was all about but very soon you'll get to know.

Decided to blog this early cuz today is gonna be filled with so much to do and I wouldn't love to leave you hanging.

So I had this chat with a friend yesterday and I got so encouraged to learn something new daily so I decided to share that with you too.
I read this book which was a gift by a very close friend a while ago by John C. Maxwell, 'Leadership Principles for Graduates' and as a subheading on the front cover, there's an inscription that reads thus "Create success one day at a time".  Really makes so much sense as we tend to make good use of the numerous hours our day is loaded with.

So I urge you to learn something new today, a new word, new quote, new verse of the bible that'll inspire you, a new fact...just be ahead of the game cuz you never know when such knowledge comes in handy.

So be good and have a great day!



  1. I am so horribly proud of you-Laju

  2. "Create success one day at a time" - I guess these words are so true! Thanks for sharing. Cheers. Segun

  3. Hi Segun, checked out ur blog and I haven't gone through indepth but the little i read was inspiring.Good work!
    Thanks for stopping by!


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