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Friday, November 18, 2011

Why do you blog?

Hi there peoples!

I've been crawling over blogs since reading interesting posts from Submission in marriage to pictures from Beijing to honesty in business. Everyone has something to say. Surprisingly I don't or I will very soon.

I decide I'm going to talk about why I started blogging and what I hope to achieve so far.

The basic reason was to showcase my little articles from my journals to a larger audience. I remember one time I was experiencing a bad day in school then. I went to the library to read and discovered that I forgot my ID card, went back to the room (a long distance to the library) to get my ID card and discovered my room key was in my bag...in the library.

So I walk back to pick up key from bag and walk back to room and back to the library again. Boy, was I mad!

I remember I picked up a pen and wrote...I wrote and I wrote. It was a poem on how frustrated I was with some really nice rhymes.

So next day in class, I showed some friends in class and they loved it. I was encouraged and started writing more.

So, why do I blog?

Before I talk about that, I must really say, I'm really impressed with the rise of Nigerian bloggers. I have my favourite ones which I keep track of with Google Reader. It alerts me when there are new posts and organizes them in an easily readable form.

So I basically blog for purposes of showcasing my short stories (which I haven't been consistent with), to know that long when I'm gone, people can still refer to it to draw inspiration, laughter or simply get ideas.Another reason is also to enjoy the art of other people. These days blogs are more current than newspapers and that is a big shift.

So why do you blog? What do you intend to attain via blogging?

I'd love to learn from you.

P.S. What's the best solution to writer's block? Have you experienced it and how did you overcome?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slight glitch + A word to share

I just had to do a sharp one before I go to bed.

Sure you noticed that our blog was disabled recently by Google for some weird reasons (unusual activity according to them).

Special thanks to Relentless whom I sent a mail when I noticed. She was very helpful.

Today was a cool day. Bit tired though. Have to sleep now. Will gist you of all the juicy stuff I have in mind.
By the way, Myne really shared something useful on blog/website Page Ranking and I know it'll be helpful.

I remember this blog took 3 days to build and a bulk of it was spent on researching on SEO Optimization, blog ranking and other stuff. There's nothing more interesting as getting wide readership for your art.

I learnt something during word study over the break and I want to share with you.

The thin line between a believer and an unbeliever is in Ownership
What do you claim ownership for.
If it is your life, then tendency is you live it as you please.
But when you know, your life isn't yours but sold out to God, relinquishing all claim...then you know you can't do as you please but as is required.
It's way deeper than that but I just thought to share on a high-level.
Until the point where you relinquish claim of all (money, life, time, energy, etc), then you are taking a great step of a True believer. 

Remember Paul's words...To live is Christ, to die is gain.
Relinquishing all claims is death...to self. 

Before I go, I have 2 questions for you.
If a Re-Insurance company insures risks for an Insurance company, who now Insures the Re-insurance company?

Secondly, I saw this on Twitter, If a blogger marries another blogger, is it proper to invite the people in the Comments section?

Check out my latest analysis on the Technology Innovation center of the world, how it began and my Top favourite Silicon Valley Companies in the trending topic.
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Friday, November 4, 2011

New blogger on the block+Versatile Blogger award+Special note to her

This is definitely the longest title you've seen here. Just feeling lazy.
Thank God for this day. I'm very happy to write something tonight cuz I initially wasn't feeling in the mood to write. Dunno what's up today...maybe I'm just tired jere.

So I got a mail today from a new blogger on the block...Victor Ugo who blogs at------>This nice page and I thought it appropriate to introduce him to y'all. SHOW SOME LOVE as you always do. I trust you guys. Please visit and drop a comment or just leave traces to encourage him.
I personally liked this poem from the little I read.

 On to the next, okay I've been thinking of something...that will come towards the end of this post.
Just want to say a big THANK YOU! to Honeydame for giving us this awesome Versatile Blogger Award.
And that little note you wrote too...Thanks a milli!

So here are the ground rules:
The Rule: Link the person/people who awarded you
                  Write 7 things/facts about you
                  Award 15 new blogs you discovered and find a way to inform them
Rule 1...check
Now onto the second rule:

I did something similar for the 'One Lovely Blog' award given to us by RelentlessBuilder.

7 things'facts about me (I'll try to make it different from the last)
1. I eat my last meal of the day by 5pm most times. Okay, wait a minute here, note I said most times. Thing is when I get home, appetite is usually gone*raising hat for Lagos traffic*. So I just drink water and carry on into the night till I sleep. So far, it has helped me to a large extent cuz I wake up feeling light and refreshed most times.

2. I wash everyday. Not like I can't stand dirty clothes but I guess it's a habit. Even if I get home midnight, I still wash it latest by the next morning before wearing any new one.

3. Whatever you do, don't ever touch my nose! I will just sneeze for hours. which is why I hate dust (remember the last time).

4. On seeing me, you'd think I'm from the South-South or some tribe. My name helps in misleading too but I speak Yoruba fluently and can spice it with a lil proverb, I can read a Yoruba bible and be translating in English for you while reading and can write a full letter in Yoruba complete with the tone marks!

5. I love teaching. Or should I say I love people listening to me. No lemme explain.
I like that scenario where I stand in front of a gathering to pass across knowledge or information or directions and them listening. Teaching provides that avenue, Consulting provides that too, etc.

6. When I'm pissed, I talk very slooowly in a formal tone and a stern look on my face. My accent changes and I speak like I'm counting my words. The annoying good part is once I let it out or smile, that's it.

7. I want to have a CCIE certification in the next 2 years(really tough nut).

Rule No 3 is where the wahala is o. Kai 15 bloggers I just discovered. I'll mention a few.
Writing My Stories by Tolulope Popoola

Okay before this day ends, I just want to wish my lovely darling niece a Happy 10th birthday!
May God continue to keep her in Jesus name!

HAPPY PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!