Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Slight glitch + A word to share

I just had to do a sharp one before I go to bed.

Sure you noticed that our blog was disabled recently by Google for some weird reasons (unusual activity according to them).

Special thanks to Relentless whom I sent a mail when I noticed. She was very helpful.

Today was a cool day. Bit tired though. Have to sleep now. Will gist you of all the juicy stuff I have in mind.
By the way, Myne really shared something useful on blog/website Page Ranking and I know it'll be helpful.

I remember this blog took 3 days to build and a bulk of it was spent on researching on SEO Optimization, blog ranking and other stuff. There's nothing more interesting as getting wide readership for your art.

I learnt something during word study over the break and I want to share with you.

The thin line between a believer and an unbeliever is in Ownership
What do you claim ownership for.
If it is your life, then tendency is you live it as you please.
But when you know, your life isn't yours but sold out to God, relinquishing all claim...then you know you can't do as you please but as is required.
It's way deeper than that but I just thought to share on a high-level.
Until the point where you relinquish claim of all (money, life, time, energy, etc), then you are taking a great step of a True believer. 

Remember Paul's words...To live is Christ, to die is gain.
Relinquishing all claims is self. 

Before I go, I have 2 questions for you.
If a Re-Insurance company insures risks for an Insurance company, who now Insures the Re-insurance company?

Secondly, I saw this on Twitter, If a blogger marries another blogger, is it proper to invite the people in the Comments section?

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