Friday, November 4, 2011

New blogger on the block+Versatile Blogger award+Special note to her

This is definitely the longest title you've seen here. Just feeling lazy.
Thank God for this day. I'm very happy to write something tonight cuz I initially wasn't feeling in the mood to write. Dunno what's up today...maybe I'm just tired jere.

So I got a mail today from a new blogger on the block...Victor Ugo who blogs at------>This nice page and I thought it appropriate to introduce him to y'all. SHOW SOME LOVE as you always do. I trust you guys. Please visit and drop a comment or just leave traces to encourage him.
I personally liked this poem from the little I read.

 On to the next, okay I've been thinking of something...that will come towards the end of this post.
Just want to say a big THANK YOU! to Honeydame for giving us this awesome Versatile Blogger Award.
And that little note you wrote too...Thanks a milli!

So here are the ground rules:
The Rule: Link the person/people who awarded you
                  Write 7 things/facts about you
                  Award 15 new blogs you discovered and find a way to inform them
Rule 1...check
Now onto the second rule:

I did something similar for the 'One Lovely Blog' award given to us by RelentlessBuilder.

7 things'facts about me (I'll try to make it different from the last)
1. I eat my last meal of the day by 5pm most times. Okay, wait a minute here, note I said most times. Thing is when I get home, appetite is usually gone*raising hat for Lagos traffic*. So I just drink water and carry on into the night till I sleep. So far, it has helped me to a large extent cuz I wake up feeling light and refreshed most times.

2. I wash everyday. Not like I can't stand dirty clothes but I guess it's a habit. Even if I get home midnight, I still wash it latest by the next morning before wearing any new one.

3. Whatever you do, don't ever touch my nose! I will just sneeze for hours. which is why I hate dust (remember the last time).

4. On seeing me, you'd think I'm from the South-South or some tribe. My name helps in misleading too but I speak Yoruba fluently and can spice it with a lil proverb, I can read a Yoruba bible and be translating in English for you while reading and can write a full letter in Yoruba complete with the tone marks!

5. I love teaching. Or should I say I love people listening to me. No lemme explain.
I like that scenario where I stand in front of a gathering to pass across knowledge or information or directions and them listening. Teaching provides that avenue, Consulting provides that too, etc.

6. When I'm pissed, I talk very slooowly in a formal tone and a stern look on my face. My accent changes and I speak like I'm counting my words. The annoying good part is once I let it out or smile, that's it.

7. I want to have a CCIE certification in the next 2 years(really tough nut).

Rule No 3 is where the wahala is o. Kai 15 bloggers I just discovered. I'll mention a few.
Writing My Stories by Tolulope Popoola

Okay before this day ends, I just want to wish my lovely darling niece a Happy 10th birthday!
May God continue to keep her in Jesus name!

HAPPY PUBLIC HOLIDAYS!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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