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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spare the rod?

So I hear we're now 7 billion on earth and not just that. Every 3 years, we'll be increasing by 1 billion. hmm...God help us all...with all these gist of ozone layer depletion and even the increasing natural disasters all over.
I pray peace for the people of Turkey (earthquake) and Thailand (floods) and I thank God we only have to worry about Fuel subsidy over here.

Okay, I actually have been looking of a way to explain how/why I didn't take pictures on my birthday. But I have some that I took after that anyways. I just got the cake today so I should take some pictures after church today.

So yesterday o, I was doing my laundry washing clothe jejely and thinking when my little ones burst in and started laughing mischievously. After much persuasion, I got to know mumsy just told them tales of the cane treatment I received whenever I was naughty in those days.
Shout-out to all of you that chopped cane well in your growing days!*raising hat*
And for those who didn't...You must be from heaven!

All of you are now grown men and women in this age of gadgets and also aspiring parents now. Proud of you all.The bible was right. Spare the rod and spoil the child.

I personally think the 'rod' can be in various forms sha, not necessarily cane. Cane made me wish I was American mehn! I would watch those American kids on TV back then and they'd be like "Oh mum, I don't agree wichu! That a'int right'
The thing was so annoying that I'll just imagine me in that situation. Truth is even my imagination no get liver to imagine o. There were various forms of punishment I've witnessed.
I thank God I never witnessed things like  Koboko (I would have fainted on even sighting it back then), palm slippers and belt (can't really remember this one).

But talk of the legendary Cane a.k.a 'Pankere' or Egba or Mr-Do-Good or Morning tea (my class teacher's adaptation...I disliked that man ehn!)
I think I should write a poem on it sef.

That thing shaped me into a fine disciplined young man. It was the language that brought back sanity. The wisdom behind those strokes as they whizzed through the air and landed on your butt and defied Newton's 3rd law.
The annoying thing was that it was always in our sitting room then - within reach.
On one occasion this boy gained liver and went to hide it. Then the day of reckoning came!

I had just misbehaved.
"Where is 'IT?", I heard her echo
"What ma?" I asked with an innocent look.
"Ehen...Okay...I'll be back!"...came the response.

Come and see confession...after which I even brought extra from the past hidden loots.
'Coming back ke?' Who in his right senses waits for that to happen LOL!

Sure you're enjoying this. I think I've gotta sleep now. Church dey tomorrow o.

But really children of nowadays need more discipline cuz the exposure is more these days...BB, Internet, Degrading Media, the list is endless.

I think we who are aspiring to be parents someday or who are parents already should pay more attention to the friends our children keep, the things they watch and build a strong sense of purpose in them so that even when they get confronted with the chance to err...it will be too late cuz of the sound training they've received from home. Let's not let our children be affected by our laziness and selfishness. There's a repercusssion.
May God help us all. Amen!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The greatest day ever in October!

They say there are 2 most important days in a man's life...
The day he is born...and the day he discovers why he was born.

Today marks the anniversary of one of those days...MY BIRTHDAY!
Oya all you October people kneel down nah lemme bless you!

Shoutout to my birthday mate, friend, blogsville mentor, sister...in fact she's tooo much!
I truly respect you. Your spirit is awesome. She's kind enough to drop comments and to think of how she manages to do that for hundreds of blogs is just amazing! Nkem you're the best!

This post was scheduled since Sunday nite/Monday morning so I hope what I'll tell you in this post won't change. Talking of how I'll spend the day.

It's definitely a special day and all I can say is I'm a recipient of some in-explanable grace from God. So here's how I plan to spend it.
- I'll pray into my birthday (been doing that for a while now)
- I'll fast on that day(today I mean!). (at least till 12noon, cuz enough people will so beat me if I extend longer than that)
- I'll reflect.
- Most importantly, I'LL ENJOY EVERY BIT OF TODAY! It's worth it and more.

I've made great decisions and I've grown. I've made decisions that hurt me but I've grown. I've grown stronger with each day. I've grown to know God never leaves you clueless. He knows my every weakness and strengthens those areas.

I've made a couple of good friends over time, lost a few. All in all, I've grown to know that time is fleeting. I've grown to know that forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heels of the one who crushed it. I've grown to know how to forgive and respect. I've grown to be conscious of associations and reflect on the past good deeds. I've grown to love. I've grown to know how to smile when the heat is high. I've grown to follow my passion. I've grown to learn the power of words in moulding.

I've grown to know how to get on my knees. I've grown to know how to cry to/before God, to lay flat and drop all the burden at His pierced feet. I've grown to feel His pierced hands touch my heart to feel 'that peace'. I've also grown to know that I have to keep growing always. Thank you Lord!!!

To all who have made my online sojourn a fun-ride...Ya'll too gbaski!!! LOL!

Myne Whitman, Relentless2011 (my blog tight-padi), LDP , Okeoghene, 9jaFoodie (yummy!) PET Projects, Naijamum In London, Edidiong, Trusted Vsionaire, UnveilingGold, HoneyDame, Toinlicious, Harry Itie, Lowla Dee, Oba Olanrewaju, Uzoma Ikechukwu, Mcyriuss, Afronuts, Somto Stella, Shaifamily, Kehinde Adegoke and all I can't mention for lack of time.

You all ROCK!
P.S. I'd try to post a/some picture(s) if time permits.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Counting down to the D-Day + 100th post

And this marks my 100th post on this homepage!
That's rather small compared to the number of days this blog has been up for. God help us.

Okay, I just finished scheduling a post for my most important day in October. Mehn, there so much bloggers born in October o. Sisi_Yemmie, Myne Whitman and a couple of others.

I've been a bit occupied daily but I'll still try to make out time so I don't leave you hanging.
I noticed a bit of relaxation in blogsville. My Google reader justs shows me a few updates this days and a few bloggers have been inactive. Please o, you can like to write more jor! (See me talking sef).

Okay seriously no more cameos. Write and let us read, okay. Don't wait to have it all put together. Pleae make out time and do what you do best.

So its 2 days to the D-day and I'm just elated! Thank you Lord! You guys should watch this space for some juicy stuff. Have a great week!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Vlogging back in time...

What happened to those lovely days when we had so much lovely cartoons and even movies that made you wanna cry or just smile. We'll today I'll take you on a journey to see how well you remember some things...as we vlog (video-blog) back in time @ moi frequency *wink*

Do you remember this dudes below? :-)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

What would you do?

This will be a short post. Quite exhausted after a long day and just concluded writing this new piece in the trending now topic.
Missed you guys like plenty!

Chai...1am already! Oya make I blog this one sharparly.

So here's a quick question for all. When you are extremely pissed, what do you do?
Before you answer, let me paint you a scenario.

It's Sunday morning, a beautiful one at that. You decided to wear that lovely starched white native. The urban breeze gently caresses your skin as the blue sky invites the early morning sun. Birds are kind to sing sweet notes to complement the distant sound of your church piano (Kai...nna see drama o).
Then all of a sudden...!

Gengen gengen!
Mad Danfo driver honks his horn as he speeds towards your direction to avoid a port hole the rain had earlier concealed. His name should be Sule or a variation of it.
Then...SPLASH! Into the porthole and your White native is decorated with mud. Arrgh! Danfo driver screeches, halts and gets down from the bus. Instead of apologizing, he says, "You no dey see road?!"

What would you do? Be honest o, no forming.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

New Phase...

A new chapter begins tomorrow. It's a new phase I have longed for. Now it's here and I'm ecstatic.
Why? Cuz God is behind this. I'm dedicating this post to Him. Thank you Lord!

This month is also a special month ooo. I should do a countdown for the most special day of this month. It's the 26th of October!!!
Today's post will be short. It's a big day tomorrow.
One phase is ending tomorrow and another begins that same tomorrow!

Meanwhile, I did a collabo recently with Somto and Shai. Here's what we came up with (check trending topic):
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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Independence Weekend Mode

 YAY! Happy Independence NIGERIA!!!!!!!!!! Yipee!!!!!



*Strolling under the colourful night sky and smiling at the half moon*

Yes! Back to earth!
Just to get you in the independence mood, here's a humorous song by an upcoming Nigerian Comedian. EMMA...OH MA GOD!

But before that...I want to make a request to my mummy and my daddy and my uncle and Aunty Folake and Mummy Junior and to wish all of them a Merry Independence Celebration!!! Smile will you!
 I love all my blog readers! Thanks also to the new members for joining!