Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The greatest day ever in October!

They say there are 2 most important days in a man's life...
The day he is born...and the day he discovers why he was born.

Today marks the anniversary of one of those days...MY BIRTHDAY!
Oya all you October people kneel down nah lemme bless you!

Shoutout to my birthday mate, friend, blogsville mentor, fact she's tooo much!
I truly respect you. Your spirit is awesome. She's kind enough to drop comments and to think of how she manages to do that for hundreds of blogs is just amazing! Nkem you're the best!

This post was scheduled since Sunday nite/Monday morning so I hope what I'll tell you in this post won't change. Talking of how I'll spend the day.

It's definitely a special day and all I can say is I'm a recipient of some in-explanable grace from God. So here's how I plan to spend it.
- I'll pray into my birthday (been doing that for a while now)
- I'll fast on that day(today I mean!). (at least till 12noon, cuz enough people will so beat me if I extend longer than that)
- I'll reflect.
- Most importantly, I'LL ENJOY EVERY BIT OF TODAY! It's worth it and more.

I've made great decisions and I've grown. I've made decisions that hurt me but I've grown. I've grown stronger with each day. I've grown to know God never leaves you clueless. He knows my every weakness and strengthens those areas.

I've made a couple of good friends over time, lost a few. All in all, I've grown to know that time is fleeting. I've grown to know that forgiveness is the fragrance the flower leaves on the heels of the one who crushed it. I've grown to know how to forgive and respect. I've grown to be conscious of associations and reflect on the past good deeds. I've grown to love. I've grown to know how to smile when the heat is high. I've grown to follow my passion. I've grown to learn the power of words in moulding.

I've grown to know how to get on my knees. I've grown to know how to cry to/before God, to lay flat and drop all the burden at His pierced feet. I've grown to feel His pierced hands touch my heart to feel 'that peace'. I've also grown to know that I have to keep growing always. Thank you Lord!!!

To all who have made my online sojourn a fun-ride...Ya'll too gbaski!!! LOL!

Myne Whitman, Relentless2011 (my blog tight-padi), LDP , Okeoghene, 9jaFoodie (yummy!) PET Projects, Naijamum In London, Edidiong, Trusted Vsionaire, UnveilingGold, HoneyDame, Toinlicious, Harry Itie, Lowla Dee, Oba Olanrewaju, Uzoma Ikechukwu, Mcyriuss, Afronuts, Somto Stella, Shaifamily, Kehinde Adegoke and all I can't mention for lack of time.

You all ROCK!
P.S. I'd try to post a/some picture(s) if time permits.



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