Sunday, October 9, 2011

What would you do?

This will be a short post. Quite exhausted after a long day and just concluded writing this new piece in the trending now topic.
Missed you guys like plenty!

Chai...1am already! Oya make I blog this one sharparly.

So here's a quick question for all. When you are extremely pissed, what do you do?
Before you answer, let me paint you a scenario.

It's Sunday morning, a beautiful one at that. You decided to wear that lovely starched white native. The urban breeze gently caresses your skin as the blue sky invites the early morning sun. Birds are kind to sing sweet notes to complement the distant sound of your church piano (Kai...nna see drama o).
Then all of a sudden...!

Gengen gengen!
Mad Danfo driver honks his horn as he speeds towards your direction to avoid a port hole the rain had earlier concealed. His name should be Sule or a variation of it.
Then...SPLASH! Into the porthole and your White native is decorated with mud. Arrgh! Danfo driver screeches, halts and gets down from the bus. Instead of apologizing, he says, "You no dey see road?!"

What would you do? Be honest o, no forming.

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