Monday, October 24, 2011

Counting down to the D-Day + 100th post

And this marks my 100th post on this homepage!
That's rather small compared to the number of days this blog has been up for. God help us.

Okay, I just finished scheduling a post for my most important day in October. Mehn, there so much bloggers born in October o. Sisi_Yemmie, Myne Whitman and a couple of others.

I've been a bit occupied daily but I'll still try to make out time so I don't leave you hanging.
I noticed a bit of relaxation in blogsville. My Google reader justs shows me a few updates this days and a few bloggers have been inactive. Please o, you can like to write more jor! (See me talking sef).

Okay seriously no more cameos. Write and let us read, okay. Don't wait to have it all put together. Pleae make out time and do what you do best.

So its 2 days to the D-day and I'm just elated! Thank you Lord! You guys should watch this space for some juicy stuff. Have a great week!



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