Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monthly Reviews...1465 Hits!

 Here's a comprehensive review of the total visits in the past month since inception...

>>Interviews<<   All-time statistics = 433 views
This were the interviews with the highest hits:

West Africa's 1st Electric Car- 208 pageviews with highest feedback comments.
Eagles @ 50 - 122 pageviews with 11 'Likes'
One-on-one with Tolu Akanni - 52 pageviews with 10 'Likes'

Visits from countries: Nigeria:355
UK - 84
US - 54
Others include: Canada,Hungary,Malaysia,China,Belgium,Kenya&Denmark

>>@ moi frequency Homepage<<   All-time statistics - 392 views
Post Title with highest hits:
Welcome to my homepage!: 22 pageviews
Hard to swallow, but its true: 22 pageviews
Inception...another hype? - 20 hits (same as pageviews)

Nigeria-232 views followed by US & UK

>>Raw Talk<< Alltime statistics - 328 hits
Article posts with highest hits:
Good People Great Nation...? with 109 hits/pageviews
I love you Buddy! by Adeleke Adedolapo(Lowla Dee) - 48 hits/pageviews + 16 'Likes'
Target Locked! - 47 hits + 12 'Likes'

Highest Pageviews from Nigeria, US, UK, Canada, Belgium, Zimbabwe, Hungary, Kenya, Ghana and Denmark with the least

>>Best of Poetry<< All-time  250 hits
Poems that got the most attention are:
Tatashe (I'm Hot & ur Not!) - 21 hits + 7 'Likes'
Just 4 words! - 21 hits
IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU...by Somto Okeke - 20 hits + 5 'Likes'

Country visits from Naija and the ones listed above with new visits from India, Netherlands, UAE, Spain and Taiwan :)) We are going global...*laughing*

>>Humor in the Ink<<
Now something has gone wrong with a particular section of this blog. I guess by default you don't bother clicking the 'Humor in the Ink' again. Well that should change in this coming month...Ya I mean it, humor is good, health and mental-wise. So the only post there is

Lagos Wahala by Oluwole Bankole (Afrosays) with 62 pageviews

Interview of the month: West Africa's 1st Electric Car
Poem of the month: Tatashe (I'm Hot & ur Not!)
Article of the month: Good people Great Nation...?

Total visits to the blog = A whooping 1465 hits!!! Thanks to you guys!
Keep coming...I'll keep writing.

Coming Soon: Rewrite the Scripts...Its going to blow you away...like literally



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