Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nu monf

Now in a new month, the Ember months are here again.

Wasn't it some few months back you made a resolution for the Year 2010. How have you lived up to them. hm...Thats if you remember them actually. Ok, just to create the awareness for Nigeria's Independence which is 30days away.
You know they say a fool @ 40 is a fool forever but what one one at 50. Its sad the stage were still in.Thanks to our wonderful men in high places. But there's hope because you are, there's hope because we are, there's hope if we choose to make a change and join hands to make Nigeria what it should be.

You will choose not to be just another statistic but a force to be reckoned with. When history is made reference to, your name shall be mentioned...because you chose to stand-out, because you dared to think differently, because you knew your worth, because your foundation and trust was placed on God and because you explored the depths of your God-given potential.

You are unique, You are Y.O.U (Your Own Uniqueness) as seen in a friend's blog.

Happy New Month! @ moi frequency...*wink*



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