Saturday, September 4, 2010


Writing is fun especially when the inspiration keeps coming.

Knowing that someone is going to be blessed by what you share is also really encouraging too.
But when someone now tells you that your write-ups have blessed them, that could make you so never want to stop cuz the main essence of whatever we do should be to add value.

People this days seek something new, something different from the usual. Its the reason you refresh that Facebook page every-time to see something different.
Imagine if the page you saw last week was the same thing yesterday and also today, you'll so hate going to Facebook.
Or imagine if you kept hearing the same news on TV everyday, you'll hate TV definitely.

That's man for you. We're built for change, we appreciate change, we crave for it though at-times we day-dream and never rise to effect that change we seek.

Change is sweet but the process to see it work for you requires you to work. The world is changing. You are changing either better or worse.

If you choose to accept what you see, then get ready to live with the negative change that follows. 

Explore!   Discover!    Appreciate!    Do it different!    That's the essence of life.

Life is good...Life isn't fair...Either ways you're right...I'll pick the former...Its up to you to make your choice.

My calendar has a quote for September that says: 

"to discover new lands we must consent to lose sight of the shore" - Andre Gide

That makes my job easier here, so in essence I say, get tired of normal, be adventurous and you might just discover a new side of you.

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