Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Code 419

Never felt better as I type this words. This is one of the spots where my passion resides. Writing to bless, sharing to elevate, getting those feedbacks...nothing can beat that.

Don't know who to blame for this, whether the government, family system or whatever...but its alarming the number of fraud mails I've been getting these past few weeks. Some with very eye-catching offers that any greedy person would fall for.

Seriously I almost laughed off my seat when I read a particular guy's story telling me he was the manager of a bank and discovered some unclaimed funds in a particular account he was managing for some former politicians and that it had this outrageous sum of money in it and he felt he could transfer it to mine.
I don't want to bore you with details but to cut the long story he proposed we share 60-40 and I'm like what is running through this dude's mind?

I know most of these people don't care but I know the reply I sent him sure had a fragment of impact. Its just sad that its on the increase, talking about fraud and scams... but really who is to blame?

Everyone just wants that 'Big One-time Hit' and most don't want to pay the price of Work. 'No food for lazy man' adage is just a fallacy to some...The lazy man evens eats better and looks healthier than the hardworking one.

May God help us all...



  1. Welcome to the new age of scams my friend, I've got fake UBA phishing website attacks all over my email as well and I don't even bank with UBA, lol



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