Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Award Winner!!!...Story to tell

Haha! Sure you're wondering who the award winner is...We'll soon get to know

Over a month ago, a piece was commemorated to the edifying of mankind. Town and Gown was present, dignitaries were happy and got to the event place at the speed of a mouse click.
Dress code was strictly Denim, even the interior decoration was denim...Wow!

Events kicked off as the months rolled by and it was the delight of the visitors to come pay a visit to the monumental piece and they were never dissapointed. They  always left lighter in the heart and stronger in the mind. In other words, the grass was green and sheep always came to graze.

But before long, the owner got occupied and commitment dropped. This was this was what he did...

You like stories ooo, see how you so concentrated on the sweet story line...I bet I have talents right?
Ok just want to say how sorry I am for not posting much of late...In fact I'm the award winner for the award of Uncommitted blogger of the month.

But I betcha its all for the good cuz I'll be back soon and with a bang!




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