Saturday, August 28, 2010


I so dislike it when my blog goes for days without some new fresh stuff for my seasoned readers.

I could confidently say..Yeah! As we discussed in the post that talked on tips for the week, the water therapy, the stress relief activities..I would rate 70%. This week has been all for learning...bout life, work, family, friends, etc. From all, its so obvious that the fast spreading slogan, "Knowledge is the new world currency" is not just a slogan but indeed a reality as stressed further on my latest post on the 'Raw Talk' page. 
Each day you just notice that there's this insatiable demand for knowledge everywhere.

The week was eventful and I can't believe I wrote into Saturday morning, so that's the reason for that title...very funny indeed. 
I think ama stick to this as long as I get the inspiration and you guys keep coming and dropping those constant encouraging messages that keep me going.

Was chatting with a friend and she said, "Your poem on 'Just 4 words' made me cry" and it was both shocking and encouraging at the same time. One thing about the public media is you never know who's watching or reading so I think I shall keep inspiring you and don't you stop coming over here!

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