Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Patiently waiting

Just read a friend's blog now and its just funny how everything around is just preaching 'waiting on God'. Definitely no coincidence but He's tryna say something.

How time fles, wasn't it some minutes ago I wished y'all a lovely week in my previous post and its 25th already but God dey. Its funny at times when we are always on the fast lane in life and miss it fast! I mean zooming past ur prepared place. Guess we should all slow down with them hustling, money chase, carrier upgrading et al once in a while and just calm down.

I mean breathe in and breathe out, for once notice the birds and the sky. Life is just too short. So this is just a thought I decided to share as I wait patiently in God's waiting room for that light as depicted by Harry in his post.

You sure don't wanna zoom past ur prepared place as you chase the insatiable perks of life.

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