Saturday, August 7, 2010

Upcoming feature

Guess after all, it sure takes discipline to be great.
I finally had the much anticipated interview 2 days ago with the guy I said I'll be featuring shortly on the Interview section of this blog.

It was the highlight of my day and despite the constraints faced, twas a success. I am still editing the parts of the interview and it was such a long talk.

Ok lemme give you just a brief peak into what it is all about.

The innovation is the first in West Africa, could have been the first in Africa but something of that nature had been done already in South Africa by a company.

It is a breath-taking innovation (guess u want me to quit the suspense, but it gets better) . On Monday, it would be broadcasted to the world and for you guys to see and more so you could get to ask me any further questions via my personal mail on whatever you're not clear about on the project.

Much has been said, but I myself cannot wait to feature this breath-taking interview.

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Once again, its just for you @ moi frequency! *wink*

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