Thursday, August 5, 2010

For u @ moi frequency...

So firstly I’d like to congratulate all my VIP Members on joining my blog. Trust me you made the best decision. The growth so far has been very encouraging and I hope to pass more valuable info to a larger audience.

This blog was launched on the 1st of August officially and on the first day made almost a 100 hits (dats not beans) between the 1st and 2nd. Feedback has been very encouraging as it has featured interesting write-ups that has spurred encouraging and thought-provoking comments..

Now when you get an encouraging comment from Myne Whitman (winner, 2010 Nigerian Blog of the year), you’d sure not want to disappoint..

Progress reports:

COMING SOON: I will be playing host to a great Nigerian youth whose innovation I would feature very soon on my Interview page...just for VIP members.So what are u waiting for?

Considering launching a new section of the blog that will be totally based on your votes, so stay tuned!

Also will include Poetry from other authors shortly on the Poetry section.

Vote Now for your best section of the blog on the right sidebar and be sure to check out Myne’s Blog Anniversary give-away

Thanks once more and Stay tuned @ moi frequency *wink*

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  1. It is 2010 blog of the year. And yeah, your blog is real interesting. I liked the article on great people great nation.

  2. Noted and corrected! I'm glad you liked the article. There's more to come.


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