Friday, February 18, 2011

Quick one

As the title reflects, I just decided to drop a quick one before I rush back into what I'm doing.
Hey Thank God its Friday!

So much has happened in just one week and its scary trying to keep up with targets and deadlines sometimes.
Had this very inspiring/productive chat with a frien yesterday and it really made me know I've got to buckle up!

So I decided to also share that with you. We all have the same time on our hands. 24hrs; no more, no less.
Its amazing how sometimes we waste it on unnecessary things of this world but its good to know that you're reading this. I hope you'll make amends and use your time wisely to create that awesome future you crave for, still fully aware of the fact that God is the sole force behind your/my existence. I wish you an awesome weekend.

Also I read this captivating piece which I strongly recommend. It's a piece by Lowla Dee a popular blogger and its titled, 'Monster Within'.

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