Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clean Up

Hi everyone,

Now where do I start???

First of all I've come to dust all the cobwebs on this blog cuz its been a loong while. No excuses definitely!

Want to let you know how sorry I am for leaving you hanging for this long. Technical issues have been resolved and I look forward to serving you better as the days go by. This is where I get to express my views and I want it to be interactive so I'm putting together measures to enable easy feedback for you.

Here in Nigeria its Elections Elections! and nothing else.

My heart also goes out to families in the Northern States of Plateau, Borno and Bauchi affected by the unrest and I know God is always in control.

Tomorrow I'll be featuring a wonderful poem that caught my attention on Facebook and I know you'll love it so watch out!

Check out the new piece I dedicate to you all. Click the link below:
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