Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Sunday

Hi there,
Ok I think I'm trying a bit to stick to my promise. Funny enough, there's ample time to write but lets just call it indolence.
Today is a beautiful day especially in this part of the World. Everyone in their beautiful regalia smiling happily to church to lift up holy hands. I wish we carried the Sunday-attitude with us everytime, but guess what most times...NO!

If you want to understand what I mean just take a drive through '3rd Mainland Bridge' in Lagos, Nigeria on a Monday morning and you would just almost laugh your head off. Frowning CEOs, Crazy/Luna Bus drivers, Outrageously annoying hold-ups that just annoy you naturally and the list is endless.
But you know what, its all a decision to let it affect you or not.

I love the analysis a woman gave on the radio during a talk show. She said we should try to understand that our body is a vehicle and we are the drivers. If the driver is unstable, definitely the vehicle is bound to lose it too. So connect with that inner you and know that you have the option to chose to be calm or respond to every thing that comes your way.

Thanks for reading and I wish you a wonderful Sunday!



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