Monday, March 19, 2012

A Plea for Help...

Hi everyone, it's been a while yea. Actually I had to do this post as a matter of urgency.


I stumbled on a particular tweet by @omojuwa (Japheth Omojuwa), which led me to a link on Linda Ikeji's blog.
Its about Okeoghene John Igwhiwotho, an ex-student of Federal Government College. He's a diabetic mellitus type 1 and 2 patient and has been bedridden for the past six years. Six years of not walking, had his toes amputated. The pictures I saw were disturbing and I just got teary-eyed over the issue.

I got his number on Linda's blog and sent him a text. Guess what...He replied!

Am I being dramatic?... or is it just the thought of the kind of pains he goes through daily I should think of...Here's an extract of how he described it:
For six years now, my legs have failed me, they cannot move me; I cannot move them. My health is failing me but I keep up all hope that I will be fine.

There are some things you do not choose in life; the family you are born into; the country you are born into; your genes; the sicknesses passed through those genes. I cannot change these. You cannot change this but, there is something you can change. Something you can save; my legs; my life.

Okeoghene John
He needs N5 million naira for a surgery in India and that's why I thought of sharing this with you if you haven't read it.
Please tweet about it, do a FB status on it, share on BBM, do a blog post and let's together save a soul that needs our help.

Here are the details:

Account Name: Ighiwoto Okeoghene John
Account Number: GTB - 0012913007
UBA A/C- 2054468076

You can call to sow seeds of encouragement on 08063255842.

There's a FB share button below. Please spread the word.
Official Twitter Hashtag - #saveOke



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