Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Skin

So I think most times of what to write and its like its not flowing well these days.

Its easy to point fingers at the stressful schedule and things I've been so so occupied with. As in, my hands just hover over the keyboard attimes like one desperate mosquito that just cited its prey and I just wanna write something but it doesn't come or should I say it comes but its not just up to standard.

Then I realized something that in a way I wasn't considering my audience but instead on publishing that hit note that will literally blow you away from your keyboard. (As in, imagine yourself literally being blown away, the slow motion, Hollywood effects, etc). You see what I'm saying, what was all that about. arrgggh!

Okay so I guess I was just concerned about me (very bad, shey?) Well, I plan to launch a new section of the blog for mainly Discussions. i.e. Forum kinda thing whilst still keeping the others fresh and sizzling with improved contents.

So just to add. mikesfrequency will be wearing a new skin with effect from Dec 22nd 2010 till January 2011 just to flow with the mood of the season.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I Love you all!



  1. I actually demonstated the slow motion part...:)
    anywayz..we are waitin

  2. abt the loss of in-depth inspiration these days..u r not alone..

    but i know that very soon..it wud all b old tales..

    how u doin?

  3. DWK: Hahaha! dat one sef dey
    Ryt Impakt:Hey Am gud man. Thanks for stopping by.


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