Monday, December 13, 2010

Best Weekend

I am so glad the blog is back to normal. I changed the looks for a while for those who noticed but I still wasn't satisfied cuz the Jeans thingy is more of a trademark you know. The website that hosts my background Denim page had technical issues which resulted to the blog's distorted interface.

Glad to be back again and I promise not to be too far from you for this long again. Your readership is what makes me keep writing to inspire and a for the comments...superb!

My weekend was fun and one of the best I've had in a while! Want me to spill the beans?...naaaa. I'll tell you bout the other things that made it worthwhile such as the Annual Winners Chapel Programme known as Shiloh 2010 tagged 'Breakthrough Unlimited'.

Shiloh 2010 programme was indeed impactful and its Breakthrough Unlimited indeed for me. *wink*

Well please don't forget to check out the latest piece I wrote some weeks back.

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