Saturday, December 25, 2010

Yay! Merry Christmas Memories

Wishing you all a very wonderful, happy, hilarious, spectacular Christmas celebration. Still waiting for Santa though. Advice to all my fellow peeps. Eat all you can...I have laxatives for you. Enough of em' too.

Well, its never too much to say cuz I'm feeling this year's Christmas than the one of the previous year. Merry Christmas again and much love from us at mikesfrequency (*wink*).

So I decided I must write something nice for you all in this wonderful season and not just anything, its a hilarious conversation between 2 versions of Father Christmas on the Humor Page. Before I do that, what's the plural of Father Christmas and secondly didn't you use to hate that his annoying in Ho Ho Ho Ho...what's that?

Mehn...I'm just pitying the ones unborn with the rate of civilization and technology advancement.
I could just imagine taking my child to Father Christmas Grotto...wait a minute I still remember that word...Grotto! They put all those mat-like things on the wall of the place and the queue you have to endure to see that white-bearded dude?...endless!

And I can remember those days of waiting in the queue and I'm eager to see him and when it gets to your turn...Voila!...Tears, Screaming...Take me away from him...He's scary!

Good ol' days...
Recalling the good times. Okay! Now I always thought that red-white costumed dude was the real Santa. I always wondered where he slept, how he got there, where he got the gifts. Endless questions...till one day I saw a pack of Jollof Rice and tiny Meat in my gift pack and I'm like What?

Santa cooks too? Wish there was Mother Christmas to help out. Thats unfair!
So here's the piece I've dedicated to everyone out there.
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