Thursday, June 30, 2011

Awkward day

Today had its nice and awkward moments ooo. This Lagos na wa!

So I was just going jejely on my own o for lunch this afternoon and I got stopped by this bros.
He spoke Yoruba all thru and was trying to convince me to buy 'AGBO' (herbal tea/drink)!
I try not to be snobbish yet still quickening my steps like I didn't hear. Then, this bros started walking fast after me o.
Come and see stylish running. hm! No time. I have lived too long in Lagos to fall for any pranks.
Very very awkward things that happen can cause afraidness.

On my way home, I started thinking of what to blog and some awkward things crossed my mind.
So I decided to share with you my worst interview moments. It wasn't funny at all then.

Check out the awkward conversation
Me: Sorry I'm late sir
Interviewer: That's not good for a 1st impression, have your seat. We'll have to be fast with this.
Me: (*screaming in my head* OPE OOO) Okay sir *awkward smile*
Int: I see you've got 'this' and 'that' on your CV but I must say...what we do here is quite different from that...
Me: *fingers start shaking*
Interviewer: So tell us about yourself.
Me: *mouth opens for 10 secs but words do not flow* Next thing I hear from myself is ..."I'm good...I'm...I'm a fast person...sometimes I try to blend in them...yada yada bla bla bla(*screaming in my head again* WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU MICHAEL!!!)
Interviewer: ???
Me: !

You don't want to know the rest of the gist. Trust me...
'I'm good'??? What is that?

Here's one comment from a blog post I was reading one time on a random guy that was trying to chyke a girl

"if u stay in Ibadan (the home of razz and dirty guyz) u will understand the pain i feel more… u r on ur way to probably buy diesel for the generator nd u r angry dat a chic lyk u is goin thru smfng dis traumatizn, u try to form chic in ur condition by wearn a pair of GUCCI shadez wf ur tube dress nd leggings (still carrying the diesel gallon wf its mouth stuck wif pure water nylon cos dere is no cover) ...oooshheee! den this Ibadan boi comes and says ” ‘ello baby was trynn to know u more, are u goin to bought your generator some fuel?’
Noooooo! am takn dis to the ice cream store. I want dem to sell mine in the gallon. guyz abeggiiiiiii… wound me!!"
You think you have more awkward stories? feel free to share o. Wonders haven't ended.

Have a nice night y'all. Watch out for something on the humor page in the next 24 hours *wink*



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