Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indulgence Day

So just as it is, today, unintentionally (in my world) turned out to be that title above. Being too serious kills creativity.
Can you imagine being in a cinema and all you can think of is to go to the book store??? For what? Okay so I broke my movie jinx today. I watched X-Men First Class. COOOOOL!!!(2 fingers in the air).

And ummm...ya..its a big deal. I happen to pass in front of silverbird galleria virtually every blessed day and I haven't seen a movie in say 3 months. I must add that I went there...say 3 times...just to get books. *smh*.

So I discovered, there some things I haven't been doing/done in a long while which I'm going to be indulging in just for today (I hope). Last on the list is 'sleeping early'. (c'mon 10pm is early now). Well whatever...I hope you had a great day?
If you didn't, maybe the video below will help you laugh a little. Okay, that is on the indulgence list too.(Post your 1st ever video on the blog).
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!(and end with a silly laughter).



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