Friday, September 21, 2012

MIA Series: Pt 2 - The wedding and forgetfulness

I must say with all sincerity that the highlight of my week was reading the comments from you guys on my last post.

You people sha know how to make someone's head swell ehn. Okay lemme confess small: When I put up the post, I felt like it just did not sound right to just badge in, out of the blues and be expecting comments. But you all just proved that blogsville still remains a family. Family always accepts you.

I've been to some blogs and hope to visit more to know what y'all have been up to.

So I was given the cherished privilege to this wedding where I was asked to be on the grooms train (second time doing that *wears bad guy shades*)
Before the D-Day, groom had called series of meetings (about 3) with the guys & ladies on the train to discuss plans and all. You can guess that I didn't attend any. I really would have loved to with all sincerity.

Anyways, to cut long story short, I had set reminders on my BB, added the calendar, though I could not join the BB group cuz of my inactive BIS (been away for months, can't keep up with that thing. sheesh!).
In my head o, I sha knew it was August 18 and I relied on my phone who happens to double as my PA, to remind me.

Friday, August 17, best man calls me to remind me of the wedding by 9am tommorrow. I was happy.
But I think in the midst of my excitement, I mistook 'tommorrow' as 'next week'.

So I woke up on this beauriful saturday, checked the time...8am...checked the date...18th...somethinng didn't feel so reminder just pop up! SEYI'S WEDDING - 1hour to go. I.WAS.MAD. 8:10am already

1 minute - Brush
2 minutes - Baff
7 minutes - Look for shoe all around the room
2 minutes 32 secs - Wear cloth (Luckily, I had those ready as I'd ironed for the week)


28 secs - Rush out of out house
1 minute - Rush back to grab address (Luckily again I had checked directions on Google Maps the previous week)

Discovered the place was just 15 minutes drive from Ikeja. I.WAS.HAPPY
8:40am. I was there! Just in time for the pictures:

That's me walking in. Mr Latecomer
Has this happened to you guys before. Forgetting about a very important event? Or getting late to a very important meeting or date. Would like to know if this has happened before or I need to go for therapy. lol.



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