Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michael's keyboard (3) - Homeward bound

Hi again! Missed me? Today's talk is based on something that happened over the weekend.

So on this beautiful day, he wanted to have a haircut. You know, that nice trim and friction from a skilled barber.
He calls his barber friend to know if he's around. Oops! No show!
Hair starts itching as usual when it has overgrown and he begins to scratch and scratch as he buries his head into his PC and gets immersed in another dose of serious work.

The issue is not with the scratching but my main issue gangan are those coins and gems that are rendered homeless and left lying on the keyboard.

He eventually leaves his room. 7 minutes 41 secs later he's at Mega Plaza (in VI). *raising hat to OKADA* Cheers!

He stops over at Leke Alder store and smiles at how awesome a brand Leke has become. A true consultant indeed.
"I have to become a brand myself", he thinks. "I should stop biking". After trying to make a business case for why cabs are better compared to bikes in his head, he arrives at barbing salon.

The place looks so nice. Hand in pocket, he walks to the attendant. This is the true test of personal branding...he thought again.
Patapata, he guessed he will barb with N500 na.

Morning mad'm, I wanna have my hair cut.
N2500 sirr, she replied.
He smiled. For the clipper?!! he asked in amazement.

The true test of branding...thought flashes across again. What will Leke Alder do in this case? He will barb of course.
  Michael starts pinching himself hard as she shows him to a sit. Kai! N2500
Suddenly she says...The barber is not around yet sir. Would you like to wait or come back later?

I could imagine tears of joy flowing from his eyes.
OH DON'T Worry MAD'M, I can always 'check back'.

With so much alacrity he walked out of mega plaza, before the barber appears to his dismay.
Anyway, there's something called 'selective Amnesia'!

Hope Michael doesn't get to see this sha. That is one of his gist I spilled. plus I hear he'll be coming home fully very soon. Quite sad for me. I just hope I can tell you more stuffs in another post, else, this might be the last for the year from Michael's Keyboard. *sniff*



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